CloudBees Jenkins Platform - Enterprise Edition

What is the CloudBees Jenkins Platform?

The CloudBees Jenkins Platform is the proven, fully-featured, enterprise platform for implementing continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) with Jenkins and includes:

  • The core open source Jenkins technology (Long Term Support version)
  • Advanced enterprise features developed by CloudBees
  • Professional technical support for Jenkins and all open source community Jenkins plugins

What is the CloudBees Jenkins Platform - Enterprise Edition?

The CloudBees Jenkins Platform - Enterprise Edition is a packaging of the core Jenkins platform and specific advanced enterprise features. These additional features support the needs of organizations requiring advanced levels of Jenkins scalability, availability, manageability and security across multiple teams. Enterprise Edition allows for the operation and management of Jenkins at enterprise scale.

Why do you need Enterprise Edition?

You need the CloudBees Jenkins Platform - Enterprise Edition if:

  1. You have multiple distributed teams using Jenkins for CI or CD and you would like to better manage team/role access and the Jenkins infrastructure and optimize its usage at scale.
  2. Jenkins has become mission-critical to you, as it is executing your CD pipelines and allowing you to deliver better software, faster. In this case, you need resiliency for the Jenkins servers, as well as both build jobs and pipelines.
  3. You want to move to CD with Docker containers so that you can more easily scale your application delivery capabilities with CD pipelines managed by Jenkins Workflow. The enterprise analytics and CD pipeline visualization provided by Enterprise Edition meet this need.


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Commercial Support for Jenkins

We’ve contributed a large portion of the Jenkins core. Let our expertise help ensure your success!

  • Support for Jenkins core
  • Support for all 1,000+ community plugins
  • Support for enterprise plugins from CloudBees

What's New?

Learn about the new functionality in the CloudBees Jenkins Platform such as triggering jobs across masters, enhancements in Workflow, and more. Managing Jenkins just got a whole lot easier!

Enterprise Edition Features

The CloudBees Jenkins Platform - Enterprise Edition includes key enterprise features in the areas of:

  • Enterprise-level Security
  • Advanced Analytics and Monitoring
  • Optimized Performance
  • High Availability for Jenkins
  • Developer productivity
  • Team management for Jenkins
  • Continuous Delivery (CD) Pipelines
  • CI and CD with Docker Containers
  • Jenkins “master of masters”

Continuous Delivery with the Pipeline Plugin


The path to continuous delivery starts by modeling the software delivery pipeline used within the organization…and then automating it.

Infographic: The State of Continuous Delivery


Are you really utilizing continuous delivery practices?

The answer might surprise you! See how your answers compare against survey results from 500+ IT professionals.

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Case Studies

ARTstor, a non-profit organization, offers an online image library used by educational institutions and museums for scholarly research in the arts and related fields.

Many hotel chains, airlines and other enterprises rely on customer loyalty programs, promotional offers and affinity sales channels in their marketing and sales strategies.

Dominion Marine Media provides web services, portal advertising and marketing solutions to the recreational marine industry, including brokers, dealers and private sellers of boats and yachts.

GROUPE ADEO, headquartered in France, is the fourth largest Do-It-Yourself (DIY) retailer in the world. With annual turnover of €12.8 billion, its 62,400 employees work within 24 companies operating in 11 countries.

More than 36 million Netflix members worldwide view streamed content and access Netflix features delivered via cloud technology that the company has been developing since 2009. Netflix operates on a cloud platform based on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

As the first real-time provider of cloud-based information services and data analytics, Neustar is known for managing complex, authoritative data registries.

Many factories, data centers, universities and other large electric consumers are looking for ways to better manage their energy assets. Viridity Energy helps these organizations make the most of their investment in renewable energy and storage technologie

Customer Case Studies

Instead of discovering an issue the day before release, with Jenkins CI we discover it when it first gets into the code. Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees enables our large, distributed team to capitalize on the advantages of CI—all developers are involved in the process, bottlenecks are removed, and the quality of software shoots through the roof.

The bank sees this use of Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees as part of a larger, long-term project, a strategic goal of our organization, well beyond IT.

By itself, the simplified user management made possible by the Folders and Role-Based Access Control plugins justified the cost of CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise. When combined with the responsive, expert support we get from CloudBees, the ROI has far exceeded our expectations.

Feature/Capability OSS CloudBees Jenkins Platform
Enterprise Edition
CloudBees Jenkins Platform
Private SaaS Edition
Access to the #1 continuous integration server platform
Ecosystem of 1,100+ plugins
Jenkins community bug tracking
Jenkins email aliases
Professional Technical Support
Jenkins core Community
Jenkins plugins Community
Jenkins Enterprise plugins  
Support lifetime policy   LTS for 1 yr LTS for 1 yr
Support technical questions Community
CloudBees Support plugin  
Installation and Updates
Tracked and updated releases  
Release frequency Weekly Semi-annually Semi-annually
Continuous Delivery with Jenkins
Build complex delivery pipelines with Jenkins Pipeline
Easily define Pipelines with Jenkinsfile
Pipelines-as-Code by checking Jenkinsfile into SCM
Pipelines automatically created for every code Branch containing a Jenkinsfile
Builds that survive master and slave failures with Pipeline (OSS)
Pipeline performance insights with Pipeline Stage View
Developer insights into commit journey through the pipeline with Pipeline Stage View
Continuous Delivery using Containers
Build delivery pipelines with Pipeline and Docker
Trigger pipelines with notifications from Docker Hub
Publish containers to public or private Docker registries
Gain end to end insight into pipeline failures with Docker Traceability
Docker Builds
Standardized build environments
Customized build environments
Share standardized build environments across a cluster of masters
Team Management
Organize teams with Folders
Recover from failures using backups  
Shared Slaves  
Trigger jobs across masters  
Promote jobs across masters  
Role-based access control for Jenkins  
Isolate team-sensitive slaves  
Single sign-on  
Analytics and Monitoring
Build dashboards  
Performance dashboards  
Jenkins manager of managers  
Developer Productivity
Improve developer efficiency by avoiding bad Git pushes with Git Validated Merge  
Broaden collaboration and save time by pre-testing pull requests with GitHub Pull Request Builder  
Jobs automatically created when developers submit Pull Request  
Build and Master Resilience
Automatic failovers to recover from master failures with high availability feature  
Quickly restart aborted builds on master recovery  
Builds that survive master failures with Long Running Builds  
Optimized Utilization
Utilize lightly loaded slaves with Even Scheduler  
Faster builds across geographically dispersed slaves with Fast Archiver  
Improved master performance under heavy load with NIO SSH slaves  
Throttle builds during high loads with Label Throttle plugin  
Enterprise Management
Operations on a cluster of masters with Cluster Ops  
Team-specific plugins with Custom Update Center  
Reuse builds best practices with Templates  
Slave management with Nodes Plus  
Enterprise Analytics
Insight into plugin usage on a master  
Enterprise Continuous Delivery
Restart builds from checkpointed locations on master and slave failures  
Easier navigability across chained jobs  
Pipeline jobs created for every branch containing a Jenkinsfile  
VMware vSphere Builds
Auto-scaling slaves on vSphere  
Enterprise Security
Secure inter-master artifact exchange with Secure Copy  
Jenkins as a Service for private clouds
Self-service access to Jenkins for all project teams    
Deploy new Jenkins servers in seconds    
Elastic scaling of Jenkins resources (masters and slaves) on demand    
High availability and resilience of Jenkins resources (masters and slaves)    
Analytics and visibility across entire Jenkins infrastructure    
Federated, shared resources for Jenkins    
Simple provisioning to OpenStack or AWS private clouds