CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise on Kubernetes

Cloud Native Continuous Delivery

Native Support of Kubernetes and Docker for Modern Software Delivery Needs

Elasticity at the Cluster Level

Auto scale on-demand by provisioning an unlimited number of Jenkins masters and agents as Kubernetes pods

Improved Security and Control

Run CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise in its own unique namespace, so that admins can limit access via roles and permissions

Reduce the Admin Burden

Use the native Kubernetes CLI to install and manage the CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise cluster just like any other application

High Availability

Maintain uptime across multiple regions/multiple availability zones, so that everyone has access to continuous delivery

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Unique, Intuitive User Experience with CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise

Empower DevOps Teams

Teams have the full flexibility of their own dedicated environment, yet managed centrally to enable the sharing of best practices

Increase Collaboration

Work in parallel by connecting pipelines from different applications together, so teams can build software in a repeatable, standardized fashion

Simplify On-Boarding

Easily on-board new members with a simple, user interface that sets permissions automatically for defined roles. Teams are productive immediately

Instill Best Practices

Implement industry-proven best practices by default when creating Jenkins masters and assigning teams to infrastructure resources. Realize continuous delivery faster