Cloud Native CI/CD for Kubernetes

Cloud Native CI/CD for Kubernetes

Accelerate cloud native application development with Jenkins X

The Full Power of the Kubernetes Ecosystem Without the Complexity

Cloud native CI/CD made easy

Simplify the experience of the entire cloud native ecosystem

Deliver faster and capture every move with GitOps

Get instant transparency, easy auditability and simple rollback

Reduce feature branches

Get feedback on changes faster, merge the pull request and eliminate the feature branch automatically

Love Jenkins X, but don't want to spend time managing Kubernetes infrastructure?

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Build Next-Generation Apps with CI/CD that Unlocks Developer Potential

Consumed with worries about cluster management, namespaces and all the technical overhead that makes transforming and accelerating harder than it should be?

What if you had an opinionated CI/CD solution, purpose built for Kubernetes, that abstracts away the complexity? Your team can focus on better CI/CD workflows that will help you get innovation into the hands of real users more quickly.

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Automate the entire CI/CD pipeline in one place

Leverage Kubernetes to create identical environments and promote changes through them, while ensuring parity and making rollbacks simple.

  • Pipelines are declarative (YAML)

  • Each stage runs on its own ephemeral pod

  • Dozens of pre-configured buildpacks and quickstarts for popular languages

  • Pre-define pipelines for many scenarios using DevOps best practices

  • Scale apps based on actual usage, scale down when not used with serverless deployments

GitOps baked in

Manage the configuration and version of the Kubernetes apps deployed to your Jenkins X environments through a dedicated Git repo. Every change to your application is tested and deployed by Jenkins X using GitOps.

  • Source control is the “single source of truth"

  • Environment changes made via pull request trigger pipelines to execute changes

  • Test and collaborate on changes transparently

  • Rollback and recover easily from disaster

  • Instantly audit-ready

Reduce branches like a boss

Automatically spin up ready-made preview environments for every pull request. The preview environment enables your whole team, other developers or a designer to provide feedback on your changes faster, get the pull request merged and eliminate the feature branch.

  • A link to a preview environment is automatically posted to all pull requests

  • Auto-merge to master when pull requests are approved, without leaving Jenkins X with ChatOps

  • Environment promotion makes it easy to get work over the finish line

Key Features

Preview environments

As soon as you open the pull request, Jenkins X not only creates the automatic preview environment, but also instantly posts its URL to your pull request


Manage your workflow directly from Git issue comments - no need to leave your current workflow for approvals or to rerun a build

Serverless deployments with Knative

Scale your app up or down based on demand

Starting a New Project?

Your CloudBees Quickstart contains a flexible project template with programming language-specific build packs including Hello World code, Dockerfiles, Helm charts and more

Jenkins vs. Jenkins X: How to Scale and Accelerate CI/CD

"I can honestly say that Jenkins X is transforming the DevOps culture at Blackboard. We can launch a new project within days instead of months. We can roll out releases and bug fixes faster than ever before, and we have moved engineers away from repetitive setup and support roles to creative development roles, thus improving productivity and employee satisfaction."

Geovanny Alvarenga, Staff DevOps Engineer, Blackboard

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Open Source at Heart

Jenkins X is an independent open source project within the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF). Jenkins X was born at CloudBees and donated to the CDF in March 2019. Jenkins X is built with, uses and integrates with the best of the open source ecosystem.

  • Built on Kubernetes for Kubernetes applications

  • Tekton pipelines

  • Helm for auto-packaging apps

  • Skaffold for deployment

  • Terraform for infrastructure as code

  • Whitesource for license compliance management

  • And more...

Jenkins X is Jenkins’ Spiritual Counterpart for the World of Cloud Native CI/CD

The concept of pipelines and extensibility is what they have in common.  That is it!

  • Zero code from Jenkins project

  • Entirely different architecture

  • Solving different problems, in different ways

Consume Jenkins X Anyway You'd Like

CloudBees CI/CD powered by Jenkins X

Now available in Preview

Proprietary SaaS hosted by CloudBees and powered by Jenkins X. Today it shares the same features and functionality as the CloudBees Jenkins X Distribution, but is delivered via SaaS.

CloudBees Jenkins X Distribution

Enterprise ready, free forever

CJXD is the CloudBees-branded stable release of the Jenkins X open source project. It’s battle tested with an always-current Kubernetes ecosystem. CloudBees expert support available.

Jenkins X Open Source

Community strong

Provides pipeline automation, built-in GitOps, and preview environments to help teams collaborate and accelerate their Software Delivery at scale.

CloudBees CI/CD powered by Jenkins X

Fully hosted Jenkins X, nothing to run but your pipelines

CloudBees CI/CD powered by Jenkins X is everything you love about Jenkins X, but as a SaaS hosted by CloudBees. Leave behind the infrastructure management overhead and accelerate your teams’ productivity today.

Stable, battle-tested

CloudBees CI/CD powered by Jenkins X balances the innovation of open source with the stability and predictability of enterprise-ready software. Every feature is tested, verified and ready for prime time.

Intuitive user interface

Available in CloudBees CI/CD powered by Jenkins X and in the CloudBees Jenkins X Distribution, you get access to both the Jenkins X user interface and CLI, allowing you to cut out the complexity in visualizing teams, pipelines, logs, environments, applications, versions and infrastructure.

Workspaces for teams

Easily give teams their own working areas, which can be managed separately.

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CloudBees Jenkins X Distribution

Stable, predictable releases

Every release comes battle-tested and fully vetted by the Jenkins X-perts.

Smart configurations upfront

We’ve chosen the parts of Jenkins X that work best together to save you time.

Stress-free Kubernetes

Everything you need to leverage Kubernetes comes ready to go, out of the box, so you can focus energy developing on Kubernetes.

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CloudBees Jenkins X Support

Jenkins X expertise

Work smarter, not harder. Get guidance from the Jenkins X-perts to deliver applications with speed and confidence.

24x7 technical support

Protect your pipelines and minimize downtime. Gain peace of mind with fast, reliable resolutions to your problems, backed by an SLA.

Assisted updates

Prevent unsuccessful upgrades and save development time. Take advantage of the Assisted Updates program to keep Jenkins X up-to-date, stable and compliant. Proactively plan your upgrade directly with our support team.

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“CloudBees CI/CD powered by Jenkins X, is built with robust integrations into Google Cloud Platform infrastructure. Therefore, customers will be able to leverage the offering with native Google Cloud service capabilities. We are thrilled to expand our partnership with CloudBees to drive joint customer success."

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Pali Bhat
Vice President, Product and Design, Google Cloud


An Introduction to Jenkins X

In this demo, you will see how to import an existing project and create your first Quickstart.

Getting Started with Jenkins X

Get up and running quickly with different options for installing Jenkins X in this guided walk through.

Monolith to microservices

Learn how to split up your monolithic applications into microservices and import them into Jenkins X.

A Conversation with Tech³ Podcast

On Episode 2 of the Tech³ Podcast, listen how the Cloud Native OSS project is changing the game.

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