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CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise for Red Hat

Red Hat and CloudBees® can help you deliver higher quality software—faster. The combination of CloudBees and Red Hat gives enterprises the ability to provision and deploy Jenkins in minutes and scale resources up and down, as needed. With a shared foundation in open innovation and an eye for enterprise-scale, Red Hat and CloudBees together make accelerating software delivery easy.

Enterprise-class DevOps Solutions for Red Hat Platforms

CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise on Red Hat
  • Enables developers to build, test and deploy applications using OpenShift by Red Hat and run on JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP).
  • Leverages the Red Hat command line interface (CLI) from within CD pipelines created on CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise to interact with JBoss EAP and OpenShift services.
  • Enables enterprise organizations to easily manage large, complex Jenkins environments across multiple OpenShift clusters.

Continuous Delivery as a Service on Red Hat OpenStack Platform

  • Run an internally-managed Jenkins-based Continuous Delivery as a Service on the Red Hat OpenStack Platform with CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise.
  • Tested and certified for use with Red Hat OpenStack Platform to provide consistent performance and compatibility.
  • Delivers instant access to Jenkins resources eliminating wasted time and accelerating software delivery.

Whether you are DevOps manager trying to optimize operations, a Jenkins admin looking to introduce CI/CD as a Service or a developer trying to accelerate the pace of innovation, you can deploy CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise on Red Hat OpenStack Platform with confidence.

“We’re pleased to have CloudBees join us in the Red Hat Connect for Technology Partner Program. To help customers get the most out of Red Hat’s OpenStack offerings and our open hybrid cloud solutions, we work closely with technology companies like CloudBees that provide powerful and complementary solutions. We look forward to continued collaboration with CloudBees as an important member of Red Hat’s OpenStack ecosystem.”

 - Mike Werner, senior director, Global Technology Ecosystems, Red Hat