CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

Native to Red Hat OpenShift

CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise complements Red Hat OpenShift with a proven, fully-featured continuous delivery solution for enterprises modernizing their application architecture with containerization. Hosted on-premise or in the public cloud, this integrated, cloud native solution offers 24/7 Jenkins CI support, granular security, upgradeability and simplified management.

CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise Runs in a Red Hat OpenShift Project

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Key Benefits Include

Resolve Jenkins Issues

Let our team of subject matter experts fix your Jenkins problems. Get the guidance you need to make the most of your subscription.

Increase Software Throughput

Easily on-board teams with the correct permissions and enforce compliance without hindering agility. Manage CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise directly through OpenShift.

Control of Pipelines and Jobs

Utilize a very sophisticated authorization strategy to reduce risks to software delivery by ensuring credentials and resources are not misused.

Monthly Upgrades and Patches

Get the plugins or plugin versions you need without interoperability concerns. Take advantage of the latest functionality and security patches.

Key Features Include

Support from Jenkins Experts

Access to the experts 24/7 from the creators of Jenkins. Utilize free online training and your assigned customer success manager.

Simplified Management

Direct integration with Red Hat OpenShift CLI and web console. Elegant, intuitive user experience and centralized management of managed masters.

Granular Security

CloudBees Role-Based Access Control plus additional security features enables permissions to be defined by user, team, agents, folders and jobs.

CloudBees Assurance Program

Delivers rolling monthly releases on plugins and Jenkins core. Provides in-product notifications when updates and patches are available.