Delivering Enterprise-Class Continuous Delivery with Microsoft Azure

The partnership between Microsoft and CloudBees enables enterprise teams to easily automate the end-to-end software delivery process on Azure. Teams are able to focus on innovation, not on procuring and provisioning resources and configuring the IT infrastructure. The integrated solution enables DevOps teams to host continuous delivery (CD) processes through a pre-configured CloudBees Jenkins Platform that can be provisioned on Azure in minutes.

Manage and Run Jenkins at Enterprise-Scale

  • Use the elasticity of Microsoft Azure to easily scale continuous delivery infrastructures and deliver with Azure web apps.
  • Use the Azure command line interface (CLI) from within the CloudBees Jenkins Platform pipelines to interact with Azure services.
  • Seamlessly connect and integrate CloudBees Jenkins Platform with the Microsoft development solution stack, including setup CI/CD pipelines for your Git repositories with the Visual Studio Online extension.

“Microsoft Azure can quickly scale up or down to meet resource demand so customers pay only for what they use. Azure is a fully-automated self-service cloud platform that allows users to provision resources within minutes. The automation delivered with continuous delivery powered by the CloudBees Jenkins Platform offers Microsoft Azure customers a valuable way to accelerate the application delivery process.”

- Nicole Herskowitz, senior director of product marketing, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Corp

CloudBees Jenkins Platform for Microsoft Azure™ Benefits:

  • Automate the application delivery lifecycle for mobile, web and (IoT) apps on Azure through continuous delivery.
  • Leverage your existing Azure infrastructure to reduce costs.
  • Simplify purchase and installation with packaged and Azure-optimized configurations available for direct purchase via the Azure Marketplace.
  • Craft custom instance sizing for your enterprise-scale deployment and provision your virtual machines with the Azure Marketplace images.

Continuous Delivery Pipeline with CloudBees Jenkins Platform, Visual Studio Online and Microsoft Azure

Installation Demo