Continuous Integration for the Enterprise

Continuous Integration for the Enterprise

Built on the most widely used automation server in the world - Jenkins™ - CloudBees CI (Core) provides flexible, governed CI/CD you can trust

Automate Pipelines to Empower Your Developers

Faster innovation

Free developers to innovate more using toolchain automation

Optimize delivery

Reduce administration overhead and optimize software delivery

Reduce risk

Ensure compliance through global policy enforcement

Centrally Manage Software Development Tools

Do your developers have to carry out repetitive, error-prone tasks manually? Is time being wasted managing the tools used to build, test and deploy new software features? Are compliance tests applied unpredictably by different teams?

What if you could embrace rather than replace your existing toolchains by automating monotonous tasks, reduce administration and consistently enforce processes enterprise-wide?

Developers would be able to focus their time on creating new software features instead of on administrative tasks.

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Optimize software delivery velocity

Increase customer satisfaction and revenue by releasing innovative software features more quickly.

  • Scalability across projects and teams

  • Flexibility with central governance

  • Self-service options

  • Visibility to identify and remove bottlenecks

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Maximize developer team efficiency

Reduce administration costs while aligning teams and processes through centralized management of the development environment.

  • Centralized software delivery process management

  • Automated and reusable processes

  • Push team administration to local administrators

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Enforce global compliance policies

Ensure that software is built, tested and deployed to the same high standard across the organization.

  • Orchestration and enforcement of compliance processes

  • Fine-grained role-based access control (RBAC)

Key Features

Simplify administration

Clear, elegant, intuitive user experience and centralized management of masters

Modern and legacy apps

Run modern apps on a cloud-native architecture for scalability and elasticity

Mitigate security risk

Role-based access control to define user access rights to resources

CloudBees CI Customers

Developers focus on building software - not managing the IT environment

IHG implemented an enterprise-level platform that provides 100+ developer teams with the flexibility they need while supporting the overall business objective of increasing the pace of innovation to improve customer experience.

Managing Jenkins at Scale

With CloudBees CI, organizations can embrace rather than replace their existing DevOps toolchains while scaling Jenkins to deliver enterprise-wide secure and compliant software.

  • Monthly releases and incremental security updates

  • Verified Jenkins plugins through the CloudBees Assurance Program

  • Proactive infrastructure health monitoring and alerting to ensure uptime

  • Configuration as code to enable easy creation of new masters

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Comprehensive Jenkins Team Management

Optimizing the management of Jenkins teams with CloudBees CI enables faster innovation and reduces administration costs.

  • Organize teams, infrastructure and credentials to enable efficient administration

  • Share build agents across masters dynamically to reduce costs and increase efficiency

  • Enable teams to provision their own masters with self-service capabilities

  • Centrally enforce common security options, role-based access control (RBAC) and single sign-on (SSO)

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Pipeline Policy and Best Practices Enforcement

CloudBees CI enables a central shared services team to define pipeline templates and policies to ensure consistency across developer teams.

  • Predefine certain values or actions to ensure consistency and compliance with corporate guidelines

  • Ability for teams or individual developers to customize pipeline templates, where appropriate

  • Policies ensure that individual pipelines do not adversely affect the running of Jenkins masters due to misconfiguration


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