Ask Me Anything: Live Q&A Session with Gary Gruver

Author of "Engineering the Digital Transformation"
October 15, 2020, 2pm EDT

Businesses implement the latest agile and DevOps practices from the software industry, hoping to reap the rewards. But months after implementing these strategies, most organizations find that they are stuck. How to get unstuck is the focus of renowned DevOps author Gary Gruver’s new book: "Engineering the Digital Transformation".

You’re invited – along with a select group of your peers – to an exclusive, interactive Q&A session with Gary Gruver and our own DevOps champions, Brian Dawson and Sam Fell.

Gary’s new book focuses on high-level principles for engineering improvements, leveraging lessons learned from the manufacturing industry transformation years ago. Gruver illustrates the proven re-engineering tactics, while adapting those techniques to address the unique characteristics and capabilities of software.

A full complimentary copy is yours free when you attend our ‘Ask Me Anything’ session. Join the conversation and read the excerpt to BEE ready to talk about the software development strategies that matter to you.

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