Jenkins X: CI/CD for All Workloads Running Natively on Kubernetes

Jenkins X: CI/CD for All Workloads Running Natively on Kubernetes

Modernize Continuous Delivery Workflows

Harness the power of GitOps to easily define, manage, deploy and scale environments with full history and traceability. Decrease Mean Time to Recover with simple rollback.

Start Quickly, Deliver Seamlessly

Automatically install, configure and upgrade tools. Rule them all with a single ‘jx’ command, creating a simplified user experience.

Boost Team Productivity

Leverage infrastructure as code out of the box to containerize, package and deploy applications without manual intervention, saving your team time and money.

Preview Environment Validation

Jenkins X spins up pre-production preview environments automatically, based on pull requests, enabling developers to collaborate and validate changes before they are integrated back into the codebase.

Automatic Feedback Loops

Jenkins X automatically comments on your commits, issues and pull requests with feedback as code, eliminating wasted time from manual processes and helping you get to market faster.

Simple Pipeline Creation

Create new applications or import existing projects into Jenkins X via automatically generated CI/CD pipelines without requiring additional subject matter expertise of your pipeline internals.