Mark Waite
Darin Pope
Joost van der Griendt
Hope Lynch

Optimizing Jenkins for the Enterprise

Jenkins is arguably one of the most popular automation tools on the planet, with tens of thousands of instances in use and a growing open source community.  

However, as teams, environments, projects and market pressures increase, so does the administrative tasks associated with the tool. Scaling Jenkins usage across a growing enterprise, without affecting the security or stability of its software development lifecycle (SDLC) is challenging, particularly for highly regulated industries.

Watch this on-demand recording, as CloudBees experts take an in-depth look at strategies for optimizing Jenkins for the enterprise, including:

  • Best practices in setting up efficient, secure pipelines

  • How to successfully implement Declarative Pipelines 

  • How best to manage your Jenkins controller as code (JCasC)

  • A look into the future of CloudBees CI CasC

Watch On-Demand

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Mark Waite | Engineering Manager, CloudBees

Mark is the Jenkins Documentation Officer, a long-time Jenkins user and contributor, and maintains the git plugin and the git client plugin. He is active in Jenkins special interest groups including the Docs SIG, Platform SIG, and Advocacy SIG.

Darin Pope | Developer Advocate, CloudBees

Darin is a developer advocate for CloudBees, where he produces technical digital and written content for users. He is also the co-host of a weekly podcast named DevOps Paradox.

Joost van der Griendt | Staff Product Manager, CloudBees

Joost is a staff product manager for CloudBees CI. A Java/Go developer and DevOps/CICD consultant, he specialises in developer productivity with Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, and Git.

Hope Lynch | Senior Director, Platform , CloudBees

My favorite area of focus is Transformation, whether it is Agile, Business, or Digital. Each of these overlap on the venn diagram of Transformation and each touch all aspects of businesses today.

At CloudBees I work as Senior Director of Platform focusing on driving product marketing strategy and vision for the CloudBees platform as well as growing the Market and Competitive Intelligence practice, finding modern ways to represent Business Value and using data to bring market and competitive insights. After completing three Masters certifications in Information Systems Security, Security Management and Business Analysis from Villanova University, I entered the world of information technology and now bring over 20 years of experience at companies like Red Hat, Cisco, and Extron.  When I am not keeping busy with Transformation, you can find me volunteering on local leadership committees..