Mitch Ashley
Lisa Westra
Hope Lynch

Aligning High-Performing Engineering Teams to Business Value

According to survey data collected by analyst firm Accelerated Strategies Group (ASG), two big challenges to becoming a high-performing engineering team are the need for end-to-end visibility and predictability of release. Empowering engineering teams with actionable intelligence improves their productivity, resulting in faster time to market, higher quality and improved application stability.

Join featured speaker Mitch Ashley, CEO of ASG, and Lisa Westra, senior product manager at CloudBees, as they share tips on leveraging actionable intelligence to improve software delivery speed, predictability and quality. 

Watch this on-demand recording to learn: 

  • The five questions every engineering leader should be able to answer

  • How to unlock insights and enable data-driven conversations with stakeholders and executives

  • How to improve your team’s performance using data from the tools you already use

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Keynote Speaker

Mitch Ashley | CEO and Managing Analyst, ASG

Lisa Westra | Sr. Product Manager, CloudBees

I have worn many hats throughout my career in digital and physical product development, but the single throughline has been my reliance on data.  Whether it be quantitative evidence or qualitative guidance, data keeps the final work focused on serving my users' and consumers' needs plus eliminating emotional bias.  I am delighted to manage CloudBees's Engineering Efficiency that offers engineering leadership data-driven insights and recommendations to improve their DevOp teams' performance and quickly deliver value to their customers.

Hope Lynch | Senior Director, Platform , CloudBees

My favorite area of focus is Transformation, whether it is Agile, Business, or Digital. Each of these overlap on the venn diagram of Transformation and each touch all aspects of businesses today.

At CloudBees I work as Senior Director of Platform focusing on driving product marketing strategy and vision for the CloudBees platform as well as growing the Market and Competitive Intelligence practice, finding modern ways to represent Business Value and using data to bring market and competitive insights. After completing three Masters certifications in Information Systems Security, Security Management and Business Analysis from Villanova University, I entered the world of information technology and now bring over 20 years of experience at companies like Red Hat, Cisco, and Extron.  When I am not keeping busy with Transformation, you can find me volunteering on local leadership committees..