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Shaaron Alvares
Mitch Ashley
Brian Dawson
Senior Director, Solutions Marketing
Amin Qazi
Jacqueline Salinas
Continuous Delivery Foundation

Encouraging a DevOps Culture

DevOps is a mindset. Most if not all DevOps initiatives without a focus on culture change will end up failing. And, culture and people’s opinions are not easily or quickly changed.  

In this episode of the SDLF, we discuss:

  • What is a “DevOps culture?

  • Can a DevOps culture be created?

  • Ways to navigate the cultural shift to Agile, DevOps & CD 

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Keynote Speaker

Shaaron Alvares | Manager, Enterprise Agility, Disney

Shaaron Alvares works as an Enterprise Agility Manager at Disney. She has a global work experience leading product, organizational and cultural transformation across technology, aerospace, automotive, finance and telecom industries within various global Fortune 500 companies in Europe and the US. She introduced lean product and software development practices and has led significant lean and DevOps practices adoption at, Expedia, Microsoft and T-Mobile. Speaker, trainer and writer, she is an editor at InfoQ and a DevOps Advocate at the DevOps Institute. Shaaron published her M.Phil. and Ph.D. theses with the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). 

Mitch Ashley | CEO and Managing Analyst, ASG

Mitchell Ashley is a renowned strategist and technology executive, who has led successful IT, SaaS, and cybersecurity transformations. Mitch serves as CEO & Managing Analyst of Accelerated Strategies Group where he is supported by a team of preeminent experts in digital transformation, DevOps, cloud-native, and cybersecurity. In this role, Mitch works with companies to align digital transformation and technology strategies to achieve disruptive goals and high impact results. Mitch is in high demand as a speaker at conferences the world over, and his popular DevOps Chats podcast engaging with digital leaders is one of the most widely followed in the field.

Brian Dawson | Senior Director, Solutions Marketing

Brian Dawson is a DevOps evangelist and practitioner with a focus on agile, continuous integration (CI), continuous delivery (CD) and DevOps practices. He has over 25 years as a software professional in multiple domains including quality assurance, engineering and management. Across them all, his passion has been to focus on the optimization of software development. Brian has led an agile transformation consulting practice and helped many organizations implement CI, CD and DevOps.

Amin Qazi | Technical Advisor, IRS

Amin has been leading the DevOps/CICD effort in IRS since 2016. Prior to joining the IRS, Amin worked as technical architect in SSA, IBM, and on Wall Street. In addition to onboarding projects to the CICD platform, Amin is helping IRS AD projects become Container and Cloud ready. Amin is also working on establishing standards, procedures and technologies to provision infrastructure on demand (Ephemeral infrastructure) for on-prem applications.

Jacqueline Salinas | Continuous Delivery Foundation

Jacqueline Salinas is the Director of Ecosystem & Community Development for the Continuous Delivery Foundation. She is an alumni of the University of New Mexico, where she earned her degree in Business Administration at the Robert O. Anderson School of Management with a concentration in International Management. Jacqueline is an expert in crafting outreach and marketing programs to grow effective and strong ecosystems and communities. She has over 7 years of experience working in marketing and sales organizations in Silicon Valley.