Gerard McMahon
Fidelity Investments
Mitch Ashley
Hope Lynch

How To Nail DevOps Governance and Compliance in a Highly Regulated Industry

Regulatory, audit and governance requirements are not the only concern of the finance industry, but there’s a lot to be learned from DevOps pioneers in that sector. Securing the software delivery pipeline, ensuring engineering and operations teams adhere to policy, and keeping everything audit ready is how any regulated organization should operate.

Watch this on demand session, where leaders from Fidelity Investments, Accelerated Strategies Group and CloudBees examine the challenges and lessons learned when implementing governance and security requirements in closely controlled environments.

Key takeaways will include:

  • What regulators will, and will not, accept as compliance evidence

  • What internal stakeholders want to see (and how to win them over)

  • The three most important actions to take on your own regulatory journey

Watch On-Demand

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Gerard McMahon | Head of ALM Tools and Platforms, Fidelity Investments

Gerard McMahon is a VP of Architecture and currently “Head of ECC ALM Tools and Platforms”, whose mission is to provide an open and flexible Software Delivery Platform to increase the velocity of developers for delivery of business value with confidence at scale.

I am a strong advocate of Software Delivery Excellence and incorporating the principles of agility, engineering and operational excellence for building high performing teams and enabling a DevOps culture. I am passionate about enabling connection and collaboration across the tools and services in the Software Delivery ecosystem to break down silo’s and create data driven insights for innovation and continuous learning in accelerating the delivery of high quality business value.

Mitch Ashley | CEO and Managing Analyst, ASG

Hope Lynch | Senior Director, Platform and Technology Strategy, CloudBees

One of my favorite areas of focus is Transformation, whether it is Agile, Business, or Digital. Each of these overlap on the venn diagram of Transformation and each touch all aspects of businesses today.

At CloudBees I work as a Technology Strategy Director in Product Marketing, growing the Market and Competitive Intelligence practice, finding modern ways to represent Business Value and using data to bring market and competitive insights.