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Value Stream Thinking

Tuesday, March 30, 2021 | 1:00pm ET
KEYNOTE: Steve Pereira

Recorded Sessions

DevOps Trends, Predictions and New Year Resolutions

Tuesday, January 26, 2021 | 1:00pm ET

Encouraging a DevOps Culture

Tuesday, February 23 2021 | 1:00pm ET
KEYNOTE: Shaaron Alvares - Disney

Modern Digital Business KPIs and Metrics

Tuesday, November 17, 2020 | 1:00pm ET

We know your process is complex, touches many stakeholders with varied requirements and responsibilities. How do you measure Agility? Reliability? Efficiency? Quality? Success?! What does the ideal dashboard look like for Dev? For Ops? For the business? And how would it change over time? In this SDLF session, we will discuss:

  • What Metrics Matter for Dev and Ops?

  • What Metrics Matter for the Business?

  • What Other Metrics Matter?

  • Is there "OMTM" for your Whole Organization?

Communication, Collaboration and Rapid Response Through Software

KEYNOTE: KellyAnn Fitzpatrick, Industry Analyst - RedMonk

Communication and collaboration are critical to success in any software organization. Today, in the face of extreme disruption, they are even more critical. Join us to learn how organizations are using DevOps principles and practices to respond rapidly to changing needs and unprecedented demand.

Embrace, Don't Replace: Enterprise DevOps Realities

Tuesday May 26, 2020 | 1:00 EST
KEYNOTE: Shawn Ahmed

Enterprises are under more pressure than ever to innovate and do it fast. To meet this challenge they are adopting new software practices and technologies. But, unlike small startups, these enterprises must continue to deliver mission-critical,revenue-generating applications across legacy, traditional and modern applications while ensuring security and controlling risk.

Upskilling: Adapting Humans at the Speed of DevOps

June 29th
KEYNOTE: Jayne Groll

The Software Delivery Leadership Forum (SDLF) is a series of online, open and interactive events focused on topics related to Agile, DevOps and Continuous Delivery. Every episode starts with a thirty-minute presentation by an industry expert, followed by a live audience Q&A and expanded panel discussion to encourage shared growth and learning.

On Episode 1, we discussed The Humans of DevOps. Our featured speaker reviewed their recently published Upskilling research report, and the implications the data has on hiring, managing, and growing high performing teams.

Modernize Software Delivery and Manage Business Impact

KEYNOTE: Charlie Betz

It’s been ten years since the idea of DevOps was introduced, yet Dev and Ops silos still exist, injecting significant friction and waste in the end-to-end process. Moreover, most organizations still struggle to measure the business impact of IT in general and of software in particular.

Upskilling: Adapting Humans at the Speed of DevOps

Thursday May 4, 2020 | 14:00 CEST
KEYNOTE: Eveline Oehrlich

We’ll discuss The Humans of DevOps. Our featured speaker will kick us off with a thirty minute presentation to review their recently published Upskilling research report with an emphasis on data collected in the European market. We’ll discuss the implications this data has on hiring, managing, and growing high performing teams.

Embrace, Don't Replace: Enterprise DevOps Realities

Thursday May 28, 2020 | 14:00 CEST
KEYNOTE: Shawn Ahmed

Enterprises are under more pressure than ever to innovate and do it fast. To meet this challenge they are adopting new software practices and technologies. But, unlike small startups, these enterprises must continue to deliver mission-critical,revenue-generating applications across legacy, traditional and modern applications while ensuring security and controlling risk.

Enabling Teams with Software Delivery Automation

KEYNOTE: Jon Collins, VP of Research

In many enterprises, DevOps transformations put the lens on Culture, Measurement and Sharing. However, the teams with boots on the ground will tell you that Automation plays a significant role, providing a solid foundation for consistent measurement and healthy culture to emerge. In this session we will take a look at the DevOps toolchain, and discuss automated CI, CD, Release Orchestration and Feature Flagging as a way to support a sustainable digital transformation for your entire enterprise.

Mitchell Ashley
I love joining these SDLF sessions. I learn as much from our audience as I do from the speakers and panelists!
Accelerated Strategies Group
Mitchell Ashley


Keynote Speakers

We have the experts

Anders Wallgren | CloudBees

Anders Wallgren is Field CTO at CloudBees. Anders brings with him over 30 years of in-depth experience designing and building commercial software. Prior to joining CloudBees, Anders held executive positions at Electric Cloud, Aceva, Archistra, and Impresse.

Charlie Betz

Charles Betz is Forrester's lead DevOps analyst serving infrastructure and operations professionals globally. In this role, he covers continuous deployment and release automation, incident management, and emerging topics such as containers and chaos engineering.

Cheryl Razzell

Cheryl is the Director of Platform and Live operations at Polystream. She has over 20 years of experience working in technology. Her career has seen her work for many large organisations including the BBC, Apple,News UK and Microsoft and HSBC. Cheryl has become an advocate for Devops and new ways of working, she has given many talks around the world on this topic. Today Cheryl works for Polystream continuing her journey into the world of 3D interactive content and delivering this journey with her experience in Devops and agile working.

Daniel Ritchie

Daniel Ritchie is a distinguished engineer responsible for implementing CI/CD, fostering the transition to a DevOps-driven culture and other efforts related to systems integration, workflow design, configuration automation and performance optimizations for on-premise and cloud efforts. Daniel is based out of Denver, Colorado.

Ellen Thorne | Vice President, Global HR

Ellen Thorne is a global human resources leader who takes pride in connecting corporate strategies to the employee experience. Being “real” is one of Ellen’s leadership philosophies. She believes that showing up every day, authentic and genuine, leads to meaningful conversations, long-term professional connections and personal and professional growth opportunities. Born and raised in Italy, she moved 11 times and relocated permanently to the United States in the mid-1980’s. As the daughter of an IBM engineer, she grew up familiar with the technology sector and its culture. Ellen has years of experience in companies of all sizes and a passion for employee development. She works to keep CloudBees a magnet for talent, since the company continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

Ellen lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with her husband, two teenage daughters and her furry baby.  When not working, Ellen and her family enjoy salt life on the North Carolina coast.

Eveline Oehrlich

Eveline Oehrlich is an independent Research Director at the DevOps Institute and at Research In Action. Until 2018, she was VP and Research Director at Forrester Research, where she led and conducted research around a variety of topics including DevOps, Digital Operational Excellence, Cognitive Intelligence, AIOps, Application Performance Management and IT and Enterprise Service Management for 12 years. Before Forrester she held various leadership positions at HP Software and at HP internal IT organization.

Francois Dechery

A co-founder of CloudBees, François has previously held executive positions in companies such as KPMG, Sun and Mapics (now Infor). In 2005, he joined JBoss to launch its services and support businesses in Europe. After Red Hat acquired JBoss, he managed worldwide support for JBoss and launched Red Hat’s global partner support program for the Linux and JBoss businesses.

Helen Beal

Helen Beal is a DevOps coach, consultant and learning facilitator and Chief Ambassador at DevOps Institute. She’s also an ambassador at the CD Foundation and a DevOps Editor at InfoQ. She writes extensively on DevOps topics on a number of platforms and acts as a strategic advisor to several companies in the DevOps marketplace.

James Loope

Over the last decade, James Loope has helped implement operational transformation and cloud migration at Janrain, Nike, and ComScore. Now, at AWS Marketplace, James assists top software vendors to design and deliver software products on AWS. He owns and operates a small family farm in Oregon.

Jayne Groll

Jayne Groll is co-founder and CEO of the DevOps Institute (DOI). Jayne carries many IT credentials including ITIL Expert™, Certified ScrumMaster, Certified Agile Service Manager, DevOps Foundation and is a Certified Process Design Engineer (CPDE)™. Her IT management career spans over 25 years of senior IT management roles across a wide range of industries. Jayne is very active in the DevOps, ITSM and Agile communities and is the author of the Agile Service Management Guide. She is a frequent presenter at local, national and virtual events.

Jeff Weber

Jeff Weber is the executive director of staffing firm Robert Half Technology, where he manages operations for more than 100 Robert Half Technology locations worldwide. With over three decades of IT experience, Weber’s expertise includes information security, software design and development, data management, enterprise architecture, IT process improvement, and IT strategy and governance.

Jon Collins | GigaOm

Jon Collins has advised the world’s largest technology companies in product and go to market strategy, acted as an agile software consultant to a variety of Enterprise organizations, advised government departments on IT security and network management, led the development of a mobile healthcare app and successfully managed a rapidly expanding Enterprise IT environment. Jon is frequently called upon to offer direct and practical advice to support IT and digital transformation strategy has served on the editorial board for the BearingPoint Institute thought leadership program and is currently a columnist for IDG Connect.

Jorge Juan Arandilla

Jorge Juan Arandilla is the global head of DevOps and software testing at BBVA. He leads digital transformation, the DevOps process and development teams at BBVA. He is a software engineer and business enthusiast with 13 years of experience working for global corporations.

Mitch Ashley | CEO and Managing Analyst, ASG

Mitchell Ashley is a renowned strategist and technology executive, who has led successful IT, SaaS, and cybersecurity transformations. Mitch serves as CEO & Managing Analyst of Accelerated Strategies Group where he is supported by a team of preeminent experts in digital transformation, DevOps, cloud-native, and cybersecurity. In this role, Mitch works with companies to align digital transformation and technology strategies to achieve disruptive goals and high impact results. Mitch is in high demand as a speaker at conferences the world over, and his popular DevOps Chats podcast engaging with digital leaders is one of the most widely followed in the field.

Robert Reeves

Robert Reeves is the Chief Technical Officer at Datical. He has over 17 years of experience in the software industry and has been instrumental in creating a variety of marketing leading DevOps solutions over the past 15 years. Prior to co-founding Datical, Robert was a director at the Austin Technology Incubator where he provided real world entrepreneurial expertise to member companies. In 2005 Robert co-founded Phurnace Software where he invented and created their flagship product, Phurnace Deliver. Today Robert advocates for Datical’s customers and spreads the word about how Datical is leading the way for modernization and improvement of the database release process to remove this as a barrier to delivering new application innovation.

Sam Knutson

Sam Knutson is Vice President of Product Management at Compuware. His past positions include Vice President of Product Management for Mainframe Performance Solutions at CA Technologies, System z Team Leader for GEICO and Senior Developer at Landmark Systems.

Shawn Ahmed | Senior Vice President and General Manager, Product and Solutions Marketing

Shawn Ahmed is senior vice president of product marketing and is responsible for the success of CloudBees Software Delivery Automation and CloudBees Software Delivery Management platforms. His remit encompasses CI/CD, feature flagging and build/test acceleration capabilities. Under the umbrella of product marketing, Shawn also manages product business, field enablement and business value consulting.

He’s no stranger to using business analytics to find and drive success, having held similar roles at Splunk and two separate five-year stints at SAP. Shawn has been a CEO of two companies, including Pivotus which he brought to a successful acquisition before joining CloudBees in 2019. Shawn graduated from UCLA in the Executive Management program and lives in southern California with his wife and three children.

Steven Weinstein

Steven Weinstein is the Senior Vice President of Technology Service Delivery & Program Management for the Technology Services Division of Broadridge Financial Solutions. He is responsible for driving new technology solutions into Production, supporting the existing operating environment and leading the DevOps transformation across the firm. In addition, he recently has taken on the role of the leading the functional and non-functional testing efforts for a large scale wealth management implementation

Tracy Miranda

Tracy Miranda is Director of Open Source Community at CloudBees, where she works closely with the Jenkins & Jenkins X communities. A developer and open source veteran, Tracy is on the board of directors for the Eclipse Foundation. Tracy has a background in electronics system design and holds patents for her work on processor architectures. She writes for and on tech, open source, and diversity.

Ann Marie Facciolini | EVP Architecture & Technology Transformation, Wells Fargo

Ann Marie joined Wells Fargo in December 2019, as the leader responsible for Commercial, Corporate & Investment Banking Technology Architecture as well as Strategic Service and Advanced Technologies Architecture. She also leads the Technology Transformation, partnering closely with the CTO to change the way we work and modernize our technology stack.

Ann Marie  most recently was Chief Architect for International Business at Vanguard where she was responsible for building out the firm’s architecture strategy and driving the creation and reuse of patterns across all international locations. She has also served as the Head of Next Generation Architecture and Cloud Services for Vanguard where she was responsible for the transformation efforts around Agile, CI/CD, APIs and Cloud. In this role she was also accountable for platform management, chaos testing and resiliency efforts across all client facing web application. Ann Marie is currently based outside Philadelphia.

Amin Qazi | IRS

Amin has been leading the DevOps/CICD effort in IRS since 2016. Prior to joining the IRS, Amin worked as technical architect in SSA, IBM, and on Wall Street. In addition to onboarding projects to the CICD platform, Amin is helping IRS AD projects become Container and Cloud ready. Amin is also working on establishing standards, procedures and technologies to provision infrastructure on demand (Ephemeral infrastructure) for on-prem applications.

Jen Thomson | IDC

Jen Thomson is an IDC senior research director with over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. Jen leads the Accelerated App Delivery Practice for IDC in Europe and provides insights on the investment strategies and decisions of European enterprises as they transition to modern application architectures. Her research explores the new rules for apps dev and deploy in a digital economy; and how this impacts enterprise IT organizational structures, culture, processes, tools and skill sets.

Jacqueline Salinas | Continuous Delivery Foundation

Jacqueline Salinas is the Director of Ecosystem & Community Development for the Continuous Delivery Foundation. She is an alumni of the University of New Mexico, where she earned her degree in Business Administration at the Robert O. Anderson School of Management with a concentration in International Management. Jacqueline is an expert in crafting outreach and marketing programs to grow effective and strong ecosystems and communities. She has over 7 years of experience working in marketing and sales organizations in Silicon Valley.

Brian Dawson | Senior Director, Solutions Marketing

Brian Dawson is a DevOps evangelist and practitioner with a focus on agile, continuous integration (CI), continuous delivery (CD) and DevOps practices. He has over 25 years as a software professional in multiple domains including quality assurance, engineering and management. Across them all, his passion has been to focus on the optimization of software development. Brian has led an agile transformation consulting practice and helped many organizations implement CI, CD and DevOps.