Setting Up Continuous Delivery with CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise and Deployit

Join Mark Prichard, senior director of product management, CloudBees, and Andrew Phillips, VP product management, XebiaLabs, as they build a continuous delivery pipeline from scratch in simple, easy-to-follow steps.

Using CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise, the open source enterprise-grade CI platform, and Deployit, the market-leading application release automation solution, they will demonstrate how to: 

  • Use templates for enterprise-wide, standard CI builds
  • Allow only “good code” with Validated Merge
  • Automate packaging of application artifacts and configuration settings
  • Automate deployment to enterprise middleware
  • Promote applications through the delivery pipeline
  • Integrate with release management

You will leave the session with a step-by-step plan for ensuring code and build quality and setting up your enterprise continuous delivery pipelines without scripting.

November 7, 2012