Continuous Delivery with Docker

Continuously deliver environments and infrastructure

Next Generation Continuous Delivery

There is a transformation happening in IT and it is made up of three waves of innovation: infrastructure, application architectures and process/methodologies. Lightweight Docker containers, microservices-based application architectures and continuous delivery are simultaneously feeding on each other and giving IT the ability to provide more value faster to the business, consumer and user.

The Power of Jenkins and Docker


Apply software development and CD best practices to your application code and environments, ensuring your software and environments are always in sync


The Traceability API generates a SHA fingerprint allowing you to track containers through your pipeline and identify which container was deployed to production


Automatically build a new container image when its Dockerfile changes in Git, then push the resulting image to Docker Hub

Jenkins Plugins for Docker

Docker Workflow – Build continuous delivery pipelines for containerized applications using Jenkins and Docker Build and Publish – Builds projects from a Dockerfile and pushes tested image to Docker Hub Docker Hub Notification – Triggers downstream jobs when a tagged container is pushed to Docker Hub Docker Traceability – Identify which build pushed a particular container to production Docker Slaves – Use Docker containers as standardized build environments Docker Custom Build Environment – Specify customized build environments as Docker containers