WatchGuard Spurs Innovation with Shift to DevOps and Continuous Delivery

Kolby Allen, AWS architect at WatchGuard, discusses the DevOps approach WatchGuard has taken to deploy high-quality, secure software faster, strengthening its market position and its competitive advantage.



WatchGuard embraced a DevOps approach with CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise to deploy high-quality, secure software faster, strengthening its market position and competitive advantage.


Establish a new DevOps culture, transition away from waterfall development to spur innovation and speed delivery of a new security product


Embrace agile methods together with DevOps practices and CI/CD automation powered by CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise


» Competitive advantages strengthened
» Large-scale projects completed in weeks instead of months
» Teams on boarded 95% faster (in 4 hours versus 2 weeks)
» Security lapses avoided; enterprise support gained


» CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise

Over the past two decades, WatchGuard has built a reputation for providing enterprise-grade network security appliances and wireless security hardware with an emphasis on simplicity, visibility, performance and extensibility. With its eyes on growing market share and gaining competitive advantage, WatchGuard continues to innovate in ways that will complement its security solutions.

In developing new solutions, the company recognized an opportunity to move away from its traditional waterfall development approach toward one based on DevOps and agile development, continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD). Powered by CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise, this new approach has enabled WatchGuard to innovate faster, improve its market position and further cement its standing as a leader in security for small- and medium-sized enterprises.

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Powered by CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise, this new approach has enabled WatchGuard to rapidly innovate, which is key to maintaining our position as a leading provider of security solutions for small and midsized enterprises.
Jack Waters
Senior vice president of engineering, WatchGuard