Tendril Powers Efficient Software Delivery


Tendril empowers engineers with Jenkins and CloudBees Jenkins Platform to establish a DevOps culture and take their ideas from conception to production


Simplify a complex development environment and increase development efciency


Use the CloudBees Jenkins Platorm™ to consolidate build infrastructure, te together disparate technologies and lay a foundaton for future growth


» Disparate technologies integrated to speed development

» Expert, same-day support received

» Scalable, lastng foundaton for CI, CD and DevOps established


» CloudBees Jenkins Platform™


Tendril provides cloud software solutions that enable utilities and other energy providers to acquire new customers, engage existing ones and orchestrate home energy experiences.

Orchestrated Energy, the company’s cloud-based residential Continuous Demand Management (CDM) solution, analyzes weather patterns, consumer behaviors and the thermal characteristics of individual residences to improve energy efficiency and better manage peak demand. Maximizing efficiency is the unifying principle for Tendril engineers, both for the software solutions they deliver and for the processes they use to build that software.

“Efficiency is fundamental to what we do; we are passionate about it. That is reflected in the solutions that we create and in how we work,” says David Arnold, manager of site reliability engineering at Tendril. “We use continuous integration and continuous delivery to empower our engineers with the right tools and Processes to take their ideas from conception to production. We are leveraging the substantial power of Jenkins and our partnership with CloudBees to build around best practices, pull together disparate technologies and establish a DevOps culture at Tendril.”

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Jenkins itself is a very powerful platform. When you add in the value that CloudBees provides as a partner with support, plugins and CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center, it makes the CloudBees platform an invaluable solution.
David Arnold
Manager of site reliability engineering, Tendril