Pepperl+Fuchs Speeds Development Innovation, Reduces Risk with CloudBees


Pepperl+Fuchs adopted CloudBees Jenkins Platform™ to minimize administrative overhead for R&D teams and reliably automate business processes and scheduled tasks for departments throughout the company.


Support CI without administrative overhead for development teams while minimizing one-off scheduled tasks and manual monitoring


Use CloudBees Jenkins Platform to offer a centralized CI service for R&D teams while reliably automating business processes companywide


» Key business processes reliably automated
» Engineers focused on development, not administration
» Onboarding and offboarding streamlined through Active Directory integration
» Improved software quality with increased velocity


» CloudBees Jenkins Platform


Pepperl+Fuchs engineers are passionate about automation – not just in each product they build but in the processes used to build them. With 5,600 employees worldwide and sales topping €550 million last year, Pepperl+Fuchs is a leading manufacturer of industrial sensors for factory automation and process automation applications.

This passion for automating processes led the company’s R&D teams to embrace continuous integration (CI) powered by CloudBees Jenkins Platform for the development of sensor firmware and other software. That automation subsequently led the Pepperl+Fuchs IT team to leverage solutions from CloudBees® for business
process automation.

“CloudBees Jenkins Platform has helped us save quite a bit of time by automating jobs across the company,” says Andreas Daubner, IT administrator at Pepperl+Fuchs. “At the same time, we have centralized the administration of Jenkins, which reduced overhead for our R&D teams and let them focus on development instead of tooling.”

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CloudBees Jenkins Platform has enabled us to offer a centralized Jenkins service backed by professional support that reduces administrative overhead and provides a more reliable way to automate business processes across the rest of the company.
Andreas Daubner
IT administrator, Pepperl+Fuchs