Pentaho Improves Software Delivery Speed, Consistency and Reliability


Pentaho helps customers gain more value from their data faster and reliably with continuous integration and the CloudBees Jenkins Platform


Shorten release cycles by minimizing manual steps in complex builds across multiple product releases in the enterprise


Use the CloudBees Jenkins Platform to automate and accelerate builds, improve reliability and adopt CI practices


» Nine-person day-build process shortened to four hours

» New build environments set up in two hours, not two weeks

» Security, reliability and consistency improved


» CloudBees® Jenkins Platform™

Pentaho, a Hitachi Group Company and a leader in data integration and business analytics, provides its customers with an enterprise‐class platform to extract value from data. This open source-based platform simplifies the process of capturing, blending and analyzing a broader array of data – including big data and Internet of Things (IoT) – from multiple data sources to derive new business insights.

For the past two years, Pentaho has been improving the speed, consistency and reliability of software delivery processes for its core platform by implementing continuous integration (CI) using the CloudBees Jenkins Platform.

“At Pentaho, our goal is to help customers gain more value from their data, and the CloudBees Jenkins Platform is central to helping us do that in a fast and reliable way,” says Larry Grill, engineering operations manager at Pentaho. “Now, with CloudBees, my team is producing three different code lines of builds continuously on a nightly basis with a high level of success,” adds Lee Cheng, director of engineering operations at Pentaho.

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The CloudBees Jenkins Platform enabled us to execute faster, remove manual headaches from our build process and establish an operational environment for builds that is more controllable, repeatable and reliable.
Lee Cheng
Director of engineering operations, Pentaho