Orbitz Moves to Continuous Delivery

Orbitz Transforms Software Delivery

Learn how Orbitz made incremental changes across the organization to transition to continuous delivery, powered by Jenkins.


Orbitz delivers more to customers faster by reducing release cycles by more than 75% with CloudBees Jenkins solutions and continuous delivery


Shorten delivery times for more than 180 applications that power 13 different Web sites


Refine software delivery processes and implement Jenkins for continuous delivery to automate tests, ensure reliable builds and increase build consistency across the organization


» Release cycles cut by more than 75%

» Teams focused on high-value tasks

» User experience enhanced through increased multivariate testing


CloudBees Jenkins solutions

With more than 350 developers on 35 different teams in multiple locations around the world, the Orbitz development organization has relied on continuous integration (CI) with open source Jenkins to build software for several years. Recently, Orbitz began using CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise as part of a move towards continuous delivery (CD).

“This year, one of our technical focuses is on delivering not only consistently and reliably, but also much faster. By making our process more efficient, and adopting continuous integration and continuous delivery practices with open source Jenkins and CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise, we have cut our release times in half, and then cut them in half again,” says Jacob Tomaw, principal engineer at Orbitz. “Additionally, we now ensure that each one of the artifacts we build for our applications is produced consistently and in a repeatable way — a capability that is essential for continuous delivery.”

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With Jenkins and CloudBees, we have achieved several milestones on our way to that goal that have already enabled us to innovate faster.
Jacob Tomaw
Principal engineer, Orbitz