Neustar Empowers Developers and Speeds the Delivery of Reliable Software Services


Neustar speeds software development from new product feature request to deployment four times faster with CloudBees and continuous delivery


Meet time to market objectives for delivery of highly reliable software services by enabling developers to focus on core development tasks


Use continuous delivery practices, Jenkins and the CloudBees® Platform to shorten the development lifecycle, increase build frequency and minimize IT infrastructure overhead


» Infrastructure maintenance overhead cut by 67%

» Development time reduced by 25%

» Build frequency increased by a factor of 4x


» CloudBees Jenkins solutions

As the first real-time provider of cloud-based information services and data analytics, Neustar is known for managing complex, authoritative data registries.

Among its many service lines, Neustar provides marketing analytics to enable targeted, relevant ads, local phone number portability services for telecommunications companies in the US, administers top-level Internet domains (.biz and .us), manages domain name services (DNS) and directory services and powers a leading cloud-based digital rights library.

Because customers depend on Neustar services for business-critical operations, reliability is paramount — both in the software Neustar development teams build and in the process they use to build it. Neustar developers use continuous integration (CI) with Jenkins and the CloudBees Jenkins solutions to speed application development while ensuring consistent, reliable delivery.

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Now...engineers are back to developing new features and our build infrastructure is supported by CloudBees experts who live and breathe Jenkins. I sleep better at night, because I know that our software delivery infrastructure is reliably humming along – the ability to set-it-and-forget-it is a huge comfort.
Jason Shawn
Director of cloud services and platforms, Neustar