Leading Semiconductor Manufacturer

Leading Semiconductor Manufacturer Accelerates Mobile Application Delivery


Leading semiconductor manufacturer cuts mobile application software delivery build times by 85% with CloudBees Jenkins solutions


Adopt CI across a multinational development organization to increase the pace of development for Android software


Use CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise™ to establish role-based access control, streamline backups, gain access to expert support and maximize the benefits of Jenkins in an enterprise environment


» Build times cut by more than 85%

» Days of backup maintenance time eliminated

» Cross-enterprise collaboration improved


» CloudBees Jenkins Platform™ - Enterprise Edition





Teams developing software for Android and other mobile operating systems are expected to deliver much faster and more frequently than their counterparts working on traditional online or desktop applications. Maintaining this accelerated development pace can be difficult, particularly for an enterprise with large, geographically distributed teams.

“The world of Android moves really fast and it’s moving faster every year,” says Jeremy Capps, software services and infrastructure design lead at a multinational semiconductor manufacturer. “That can be a problem for us because we’re so large, and our size can slow us down.”

Developers at the semiconductor manufacturer began using Continuous Integration (CI) with Jenkins to keep up with the speed of Android development, and the company now relies on CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise™ to maximize the advantages of Jenkins CI.

“Groups that were doing two drops a year are now doing about 20 drops a year with Jenkins and the overall quality of the software has improved,” says Capps. “CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise lets our teams securely share their work with other teams, reduces maintenance overhead and gives us access to expert support when we need it.”

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Instead of discovering an issue the day before release, with Jenkins we discover it when it first gets into the code. CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise enables our large, distributed team to capitalize on the advantages of CI—all developers are involved in the process, bottlenecks are removed and the quality of software shoots through the roof.
Jeremy Capps
Software services and infrastructure design lead, Leading Semiconductor Manufacturer