GROUPE ADEO Leverages the CloudBees Platform for Global E-Commerce Application


Groupe Adeo taps the power of continuous delivery and CloudBees to speed software delivery of product enhancements, marketing and social media needs and seasonal spikes in sales


Develop a global e-commerce system to enhance online customer experience while providing consistency and flexibility to GROUPE ADEO companies


CloudBees Jenkin solutions for faster development, increased productivity and cloud efficiencies


» Speed-up in project setup

» One week of development productivity gained, monthly

» Ability to instantly secure additional resources, via cloud elasticity

» Easy extensibility of platform functionality


» CloudBees Jenkins solutions

GROUPE ADEO, headquartered in France, is the fourth largest Do-It-Yourself (DIY) retailer in the world. With annual turnover of €12.8 billion, its 62,400 employees work within 24 companies operating in 11 countries.

All GROUPE ADEO companies share a common goal: “To help each homeowner envision his or her ideal home and make it a reality.” To that end, stores offer an array of products—about 60,000 per store, on average—as well as workshops and expert advice to help guide the homeowner in their DIY project.

“Ongoing customer satisfaction is our most important goal. That means considering the entire customer experience—whether in-store or online,” says Cyril Lakech, development team member, Adeo Services.

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With development on the CloudBees Continuous Delivery Platform, our team doesn’t have to deal with infrastructure issues at all. Now I focus 100% of my time on application development.
Cyril Lakech
Development team member, Adeo Services