Global Bank

Top Global Financial Institution Saves Time and Improves Quality of Application Development


A global financial institution uses CloudBees Jenkins solutions to give time back to developers


Centralise and secure the build process for a large, decentralised Jenkins deployment and gain the assurance of formal technical support


Implement CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise™ for secure sharing of Jenkins build assets and expert technical support


» Additional functionality gained for security, version control

» Half-day of development time saved per application, per day

» Build assets and best practices centralised

» Access to formal technical support


» CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise



The institution, one of the top four retail banks, globally, centralised the application build and integration process using CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise™, provided to them by UK-based Cachet Software. The institution offers private banking, corporate and investment banking, investment management and credit card services. It has a substantial international presence.

Prior to the Jenkins CI open source implementation, applications were being developed and maintained by the corporate branch of the bank, but there was no centralised management of the process and developers couldn’t always access build assets. This all caused problems, reengineering and wasted time.

“There was no central control, and developers in the organisation felt they were constantly reinventing the wheel. We knew there had to be a better way,” said the bank’s development manager.

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The bank sees this use of the CloudBees Jenkins Platform as part of a larger, long-term project, a strategic goal of our organization, well beyond IT.
Development manager
Global Financial Institution