EVRY Responds Rapidly to Changing Financial Regulations with Continuous Delivery


EVRY uses CI/CD practices and CloudBees to speed software delivery and comply with changing legislative and regulatory laws


Increase the frequency of software deliveries to better respond to shifting financial regulations and market needs


Adopt CI practices with CloudBees Jenkins Platform™ to automate builds and tests, provide fast feedback to developers on errors and minimize downtime due to unresolved support issues


» Developer feedback provided in minutes

» Jenkins startup times cut by 90%

» Reliable, timely support received


» CloudBees Jenkins Platform™



Headquartered near Oslo, Norway, EVRY is among the largest IT companies in the Nordic countries. Each day, more than 4 million Nordics use services delivered by EVRY within sectors such as government, banks and financial institutions, healthcare and retail.

The more than 1,300 EVRY employees in the company’s Financial Services group work to help 150 customers in 12 countries meet new regulatory requirements and exploit digital opportunities to their advantage with Software as a Service (SaaS), managed service or business process outsourcing solutions. The EVRY Financial Services development team is responsible for developing a wide portfolio of software products, including internal database applications, online services and customer self-service solutions. To deliver these solutions faster and more reliably, the team has adopted continuous delivery (CD) practices and the CloudBees Jenkins Platform.

“We have around 2,000 projects in the CloudBees Jenkins Platform and about 600 developers merging code, running tests and getting immediate feedback on the code they have written,” says Petter Størseth, head of section development services at EVRY. “It would be impossible to manage so many projects and meet our tight deadlines without the efficiency of continuous delivery with CloudBees.”

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“We’ve been impressed with the stability of Jenkins and whenever we do encounter a problem with a plugin, CloudBees support is outstanding.”
Petter Størseth
Head of section development services, EVRY