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Bosch delivers new, innovative vehicle features and enhancements faster with CI/CD and CloudBees


Manage and streamline the development of increasingly complex automotive software by adopting CI and CD practices to shorten time-to-market


Use the CloudBees Jenkins Platform to increase automation and project status visibility while improving build stability and software quality


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The growing importance of software development has been apparent for several years within the Diesel Gasoline Systems – Electronic Controls division (DGS-EC) of Bosch, the world’s leading supplier of automotive parts and systems to vehicle manufacturers and the automotive aftermarket. Reflecting on this shift, Bosch CEO Volkmar Denner has even noted, “Bosch is a software company.” 

About 40,000 Bosch employees work in R&D for the company’s mobility solutions sector, and about one-third of them are software engineers. For example, Bosch’s automotive division, one of their main areas of business, provides software for the engine control of passenger vehicles. As part of an initiative to help its software engineers deliver higher quality software faster, the DGS-EC division is adopting continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) practices with the CloudBees Jenkins Platform.

“Every year, more functionality moves from hardware to software. In parallel, software engineers are being asked to deliver features faster and faster, while maintaining or improving quality,” says Sebastian Bosse, project lead for continuous integration within the DGS-EC division. “The CloudBees Jenkins Platform is helping us meet these demands by reducing manual steps and duplication of effort in our build, deploy and test processes. In addition to increasing efficiency, CloudBees has also decreased frustration, and the value of that is hard to measure.” 

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CloudBees expertise enabled us to quickly set up Jenkins for CI and CD and avoid the months or years it would have taken to build up the knowledge ourselves. Development is now faster, while quality and reliability have improved.
Sebastian Bosse
Continuous integration project lead, Bosch