ABN AMRO Accelerates Software Delivery with Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

ABN AMRO Accelerates Software Delivery with Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

Stefan Simenon, Head of Centre of Expertise Tooling and Software Development at ABN AMRO, talks about DevOps, CI and CD and the role CloudBees Jenkins solutions play in increasing release frequency and reducing built and test time.


ABN AMRO increases release frequency by 600% and cuts build times by 70% with CI/CD practices powered by the CloudBees Jenkins Platform™

Increase the pace of software development by adopting a faster, agile approach with the CloudBees Jenkins Platform

Use the CloudBees Jenkins Platform to support implementation of CI and CD process automation and manage pipelines as code


» Release frequency increased 600%

» Build times cut by 70%

» Testing time reduced by 75%

» Velocity increased 100%


» CloudBees Jenkins Platform

» CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center™

With 22,000 employees and an operating income of more than EUR 8 billion, ABN AMRO is a global bank headquartered in the Netherlands. To succeed in an industry marked by evolving regulations and rapidly expanding customer expectations, ABN AMRO has embraced cultural change within the company to sustain long-term innovation. 

One aspect of the cultural change taking place throughout ABN AMRO is the IT organization’s adoption of continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) practices. Powered by the CloudBees Jenkins Platform, these
practices are helping the more than 4,000 engineers and other IT professionals at ABN AMRO accelerate the development and delivery of quality software.

“With the CloudBees Jenkins Platform, we have automated many manual steps in our processes, we have more transparency and our developers are able to find and fix issues in the early stages of a project,” says Stefan Simenon, head of Centre of Expertise tooling and software development at ABN AMRO. “As a result, we have shortened time-to-market by doubling our velocity and improved our software quality and security.”

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With all of the gains we have made in our CI and CD automation process, our developers have doubled their velocity...At a business level, ABN AMRO is able to respond to competitive threats more quickly and introduce new innovation on an ongoing basis.
Stefan Simenon
Head of COE tooling and software development, ABN AMRO