Continuous Delivery
for Government

The value continuous delivery returns to private industry also holds for the public sector. Federal, state and local governments also have time-to-market pressures, whether to keep projects on track, on budget or to deliver urgently-needed functionality for existing web-based applications. Agencies are being told to do more with less - and to do it more quickly. These objectives can be achieved through automation of software pipelines which eliminates manual steps and associated delays, speeds time to production and reduces costs.

Compliance is important. Our platform adheres to 508 regulations, is on the GSA schedule, meets federally-defined open standards and security criteria and fits the OMB mandate for open source and cloud first solutions.

CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise provides additional functionality layered on top of Jenkins®, such as: security, high availability and professional support. Training options also exist for on-premise, classroom and online.

CloudBees Jenkins Solutions cost-effectively enhance existing Jenkins implementations. The upgrade to any of the CloudBees Jenkins Solutions is fast and easy. Best of all, there is no disruption to your current Jenkins implementation.

Federal Agency Focused on Homeland Security

This agency transitioned from manual, legacy development processes to faster, more agile practices. Using CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise, they automated software pipelines, implemented NIST-mandated security controls and, using the High Availability feature, now experience 100% uptime.

Federal Agency within Department of Commerce

Using traditional waterfall development, this agency had significant delays and cost overruns as much as 5x budget on software projects. They selected CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise to speed up delivery of public-facing applications, improve quality and reduce costs.

Federal Agency within Health and Human Services

This agency utilized Jenkins and soon ran into some common issues organizations encounter as Jenkins usage scales up. Utilizing CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise allows the agency to provide a reliable CI/CD solution across all software delivery teams.

Acxiom Streamlines User Management and Problem Resolution for a Large Jenkins Deployment

Acxiom is an enterprise data, analytics and Software as a Service (SaaS) company that processes more than a trillion transactions each week. The software that powers these transactions is developed by hundreds of developers working in North America, Europe and Asia. Acxiom needed to streamline user management and problem resolution for a large Jenkins deployment with thousands of jobs across a worldwide development team.

As a result of implementing the CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise, Acxiom achieved the following:

  • User management activities cut from hours to minutes
  • Jenkins issues resolved quickly, saving hours of research resolution and trial-and-error hacks
  • Thousands of dollars saved in reduced user management activities


The registered trademark Jenkins® is used pursuant to a sublicense from the Jenkins project and Software in the Public Interest, Inc.