Technical Writing Exchange

The CloudBees Technical Writing Exchange supports and promotes authors of technical tutorials, videos, and other content around the CloudBees and Jenkins ecosystem.

How It Works

1. Get Writing If you have an interesting idea about DevOps, Jenkins, CI/CD, or anything software related - we'd love to have you write a proposal for us! Just send an email to with a title, and a brief overview of the article. If you have any previous work, send a few links over as well.

2. Get Paid If your article gets chosen by our team, we'll be happy to pay you for it! You'll receive up to $200, credits from your favorite cloud vendor, or swag as soon as it gets published! While we won't accept articles every day - new submissions can be made each month.

3. Get Seen Our blog, tutorials, and documentation have hundreds of thousands of page views a year - giving you the chance to increase your readership and visibility in the technical wiritng world!