CloudBees Analytics

CloudBees Software Delivery Automation enables you to expand your software delivery capabilities. CloudBees CI Analytics capabilities introduces visibility to build and test at scale.

Why do we want it?

CloudBees CI Analytics is the new single source of truth to monitor and optimize the underlying CI infrastructure across your enterprise. With the new actionable insights, you can enhance your build performance, right-size your workloads over demand cycles, prevent unplanned downtimes, get a holistic view of your plugin usage across all your pipeline jobs, and lots more.

With CloudBees CI Analytics you can:

Develop a deeper understanding of the health of your CI infrastructure with our out-of-the-box centralized dashboards.


Monitor, predict and improve your operational and business impacts.


Proactively reduce operational complexities, costs  and performance bottlenecks by managing your resources efficiently. 

How do we get it?

CloudBees Analytics is a capability enabled in the Software Delivery Automation platform.