DevOps World 2022: The Compliance Tax Explained and How to Advance Innovation Securely

At DevOps World 2022—a global gathering of DevOps thought leaders, practitioners, and contributors—we discussed how to stay compliant while still driving innovation in your software delivery lifecycle.

Accelerate Security, Compliance, and Innovation

The "Shift Left" concept was designed to move testing earlier in the software delivery process to help eliminate problems and reduce cost. Over time, with the addition of tools and processes, this has caused an impact to security and compliance.

By utilizing CloudBees Compliance, you can improve your innovation capacity, reduce the time to value, and showing measure improvements in your organization's risk posture.

DevOps World Keynote Video

Shift Left the Right Way

Watch this video to understand the impact of the "Shift Left" concept and the importance of security and compliance on management and development.
DevOps World Breakout Session

Discover How the Compliance Tax is Slowing Innovation

The primary purpose of any software-driven organization is to go faster. Yet security and compliance efforts, while necessary, draws resources away from adding competitive value, hinders innovation, and slows down the software delivery process. This is the tax that must be paid, and "Shift Left" approaches only add to that tax. In this full video, Tim Johnson presents a model for calculating the SDLC compliance tax and uses this model as a justification to change organizational approaches to accelerate security, compliance and innovation.

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Compliance Tax Calculator

Quantify the financial impact of your software compliance efforts

Software compliance is a financial and logistical burden. If done incorrectly, it can incur large legal and regulatory fees, and result in lost developer time and talent retention issues.
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