Your RUN@cloud Apps connecting to external SaaS Apps

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Did you know that your RUN@cloud Apps can easily sync data into and out of external SaaS/DBaaS Apps (yes - both directions)**** e.g. Salesforce, Zendesk, Mixpanel, Totango, Cloudant, MongoHQ and more?

This is one of the main WEAVE@cloud use cases, and is provided in a way that:

  1. Does NOT expose your App to the details of 3rd party SaaS APIs (their data structures etc).

  2. Does NOT expose your App to the details of 3rd party SaaS authentication mechanism e.g. OAuth (v1, v2), BASIC etc.

You control your Apps internal APIs and data structures !! WEAVE@cloud makes the outside world fit your RUN@cloud App's view of the world, relieving your App from having to do the reverse. It handles the details of the external APIs, Auth mechanisms etc.

We're calling this "App-Centric Integration ". We have detailed documentation on the CloudBees Dev Wiki and we've also created and published a sample RUN@cloud Bookshop App on Github . The Bookshop App demos data syncs between a RUN@cloud App (into and out of) and a number of SaaS services - Wufoo, Salesforce and Sendgrid:

The following video walks through App-Centric Integration using the sample Bookshop App as the basis

We hope you enjoy the video and find the information useful. Please let us know what you think. We'd really love to hear !!

Tom Fennelly

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