The world is going Agile - literally

Written by: Electric Bee

On my run this morning, I caught an absolutely amazing piece on NPR.
Turns out that the world is going Agile. We - in the technology and software development world, have already learnt what it means to be agile. Its all about making small incremental changes, delivering it to customers, gathering the feedback and iteratively improving on the software application. But now, even the sleepy book publishing industry is getting into the action.
Imagine starting a book as a table of contents - a roadmap of sorts for the book that describes the overall theme of the book. The author writes the first chapter and the reader audience - the customers, provide feedback on the content. And the subsequent chapters (and even the following table of content) changes per the reader likes/dislikes. The feedback is instantaneous, the changes are quick and the final book is to the customer satisfaction. A joint collaboration between the author and the reader - One only wonders what would have happened if we would have put Dickens through this process :-)
This company Sourcebook - is providing an Agile Publishing Model (APM) to support this kind of interaction with its readers.
Pretty awesome to see the development world revolution wake up the publishing industry.
What do you guys think - have you guys seen other industries being transformed by agile practices?

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