Workflow 1.10

Written by: jglick
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I have released Workflow 1.10, available on the update center for users of Jenkins 1.609.1 and later. This release includes an assortment of changes including fixes for a few longstanding bugs, as well as three new features:

  1. If you are using the build step to start downstream Workflow builds (as opposed to freestyle builds), you can now have that downstream build set variables which the upstream build can read. (But if you find yourself doing this, ask whether it would not be simpler to merge them into one script, allowing you to use plain old Groovy variables to pass around information.)

  2. There is a new pair of steps, stash and unstash , which make it easy to pass a file or whole directory from one part of a Workflow build to another, even across node blocks. You no longer need to add build artifacts for this purpose.

  3. Thanks to Kohsuke there is a new way of using the workflowLibs.git library repository: to define custom global variables and functions. This lets a Jenkins administrator create a site-specific DSL. One use case is permitting per-job scripts to be reduced to what looks more like a configuration file than a Groovy program. Read more here .

Work also continues on the Workflow: Multibranch plugin.

CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise users may also upgrade to CloudBees Workflow 1.5, with minor fixes and support for 1.10’s stashes. ( release notes )

Jesse Glick

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