What's new with our Perforce plugin

Written by: Electric Bee

Perforce is one of our most relied upon teir-1 plugins for ElectricCommander. As such, we are continually updating it with new functionality. Let's take a look at some of these recent improvements.
Back in the spring of this year, we introduced a new “Smart Sync” mechanism with the goal of improving preflight (aka: pre-checkin validation) build performance. For our primary customer-partners that we worked with during the design and implementation phase, the performance improvement was significant. So, we released smart sync as a replacement to our “classic” sync mechanism. A few weeks ago, by popular demand, we brought back classic sync (I know, sounds like a soda product strategy). For certain use cases, the classic sync is preferable. So, today we have a Perforce plugin that supports both classic and smart sync.
Additionally, we had a couple of customers that wanted to move to an alternate Perforce user authentication technique that is referred to as “p4 tickets”. So, we’ve add support for tickets in the latest plugin.
Both sync methods and tickets are in the latest plugin and available from the catalog that is accessible to all ElectricCommander installations.
Here is a recap of the primary enhancements that have been made to the Perforce plugin this year:

  • Smart Sync for improved preflight performance

  • “Classic” sync for use cases requiring a standard “p4 sync”

  • Updates to support our Continuous Integration (CI) Manager dashboard

  • Parameter panel improvements

  • Perforce ticket authentication support

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