What do fermented sharks and software delivery have in common? Our CEO, Steve Brodie.

Written by: Electric Bee

A few weeks ago, Ben Soriano, a reporter at the Silicon Valley Business Journal, sat down with our CEO, Steve Brodie, for an interview to dive deeper into the mind and personal history of our fearless leader. They discussed everything from DevOps and the A gile methodology, to exotic foods and comic book characters – did you know Steve shares the same middle name with the hammer-wielding Norse god Thor?

Born in Keflavik, Iceland but raised in Atlanta, Brodie has helped champion DevOps and the Agile development method for Fortune 1000 companies across the world and today he's looking to help them not only automate, but accelerate software delivery.

Read the full story to learn about everything from software development to Steve’s international roots, and the traditional culinary traditions of his native land in the latest edition of the Silicon Valley Business Journal in print or online (with a membership) here .

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