What are the Key ARA Trends in 2015?

Written by: Electric Bee

vmblogA critical piece of the software delivery process within large and small IT organizations focuses on something called Application Release Automation (ARA), which helps enable the consistent, repeatable and auditable process of packaging and deploying an applications (or updates to applications) from development across various environments, and ultimately into production.

ARA is increasingly important for many reasons, as organizations struggle with long release cycles, configuration-related errors and not being able to track processes for audit and compliance purposes.

Beyond the key benefits of implementing ARA, here are five tips/trends that we see at CloudBees that demonstrate the reasons why enterprises (from financial services and retail to telecom and healthcare) are adopting ARA tools and strategies:

  1. Root Cause Analysis

  2. Need for Insight & Discovery into App Development

  3. Smarter Deployments

  4. Containerization

  5. Big Data Trend Analysis

To read more about these trends, visit our own Wesley Pullen's post as he shares his insights on VMBlog.

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