Welcome to the neighborhood, GitLab

Written by: Electric Bee
2 min read

Today, GitLab announced a significant round of funding in support of their efforts to evolve the world of DevOps. We see this as further validation from the market and from investors that automating and improving the software delivery process is the space to be in. But we’ve known that for 15 years. One important point in their announcement caught our eye: their statement that they will be “the first single product to offer the union of Dev and Ops. GitLab will add new functionality for packaging, releasing, configuring, and monitoring software .” (emphasis ours) Really? Call us biased but we can think of a product that has been on the market for years that already does that. I wonder if they’ve heard of Electric Flow? Perhaps they missed last week’s release of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Release Automation ? And another thing. What about those organizations that have applications that aren’t sitting in Git? Yes, they’re in use by many organizations but not every bit of code lives there. What are those enterprises that have microservices as well as mainframe applications to manage, transform, and deliver supposed to do? What about those organizations who need to adopt a DevSecOps approach now? What do they do? Don’t get us wrong, we welcome GitLab to the neighborhood and look forward to competing with them when they finally do get something to market. For our anyone struggling with digital transformation and who’d like to improve the speed, security, and quality of packaging, releasing, configuring, and monitoring software for their distributed systems, cloud, on-premises, and mainframe, but don’t want to wait for GitLab, check out Electric Flow . Hey #GitLab #WelcomeToTheNeighborhood

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