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After several months of stealth-mode activity, CloudBees has now gone live. From the initial vision document to the current day, an enormous amount of work has been achieved and I am very proud of our team.


At CloudBees we think that the cloud is the new platform, where applications will shift to over time. Yet, for this to happen en masse, true cloud-native infrastructure has to be available – this cannot be a mere packaging of existing products with a “cloud” stamp on it.

As we shift towards this new paradigm, CloudBees aims at becoming the leading Platform as a Service (PaaS) for Java applications. And while CloudBees’ platform will initially appeal to end-user companies, our platform is built with ISVs in mind: we envision that most ISVs will have to morph into a SaaS model if they want to outlive their SaaS competitors. Yet, given the complexity involved, very few ISVs will find it viable to develop their own multi-tenant architecture.

Furthermore, CloudBees will not just focus on a production-time Java PaaS: we will deliver an offering that covers the complete applications’ lifecycle, from dev to production, through staging and QA.

CloudBees’ DEV@cloud

As part of that vision, we are announcing today a SaaS for Java developers  enabling companies to do Continuous Integration (CI) in the cloud by leveraging the leading Open Source CI project: Hudson. When using a CI environment, companies typically face a well known resource issue: you never have enough machines available when you need them. At CloudBees, we leverage the power of the cloud and offer the ability to run as many jobs as you want in parallel and you only pay for those machines by the minute. Furthermore, when using CloudBees, you do not need to setup and maintain your CI, OS and Java environments: you always get the best of breed environment without having to care for it.

Also, if your company already has an existing source code and Maven repository, no problem, you will be able to easily and securely hook into it. For the others, we do provide private Git, SVN and Maven repositories so that you can get everything you need to host a project, build it and test it – all pre-integrated and available as a SaaS.

As of today, our SaaS is available as a beta program: just register if you are interested in participating in that program.

This is obviously just the start of the CloudBees adventure and we already have new features and services being worked on, so stay tuned.



Sacha Labourey, CEO


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Congratulations to the whole team. You guys really did an amazing amount of work!

Great idea, best of luck. - Stephen Hobbs

Starting with CI is a clever first beach head. Congratulations

Best of luck guys (With the rate our hudson jobs grow I wouldn't mind hiring a few hundred hudson slaves for JBoss' own QA :-)

I would be interested in knowing more about hosting cloudbees HaaS on our internal cloud, instead of using the one hosted on cloudbees servers. Currently we have a bunch of in-house hudson plugins and we would want to leverage those along-with the elastic cloud features. Please reach out to me at sarthak.83 (at) gmail (dot) com

Good luck/work for the dévelopment of CloudBees

Good luck!

Is there Mercurial support anytime soon?

@Binarycrayon (great name BTW) - I think you are the first to ask for it. It would be possible. Offering Hg "client" support would probably be quite reasonable, offering hosted Hg repositories would probably be a longer term thing however, depending on demand.

It's a great pleasure to see you back in business ! - Boris

I second the request for Mercurial support

Hi Willy, Mercurial is supported since the end of 2010. https://cloudbees.zendesk.com/entries/329052-mercurial-support Also, please note that Free and Base plans only provide the "Essentials" plugins. Pro and Enterprise offer all plugins. https://cloudbees.zendesk.com/entries/496694-what-are-dev-cloud-essentials-plugins Thanks!

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