Weekly Top 10: DevOps Meme Party

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Are you a business leader looking to drive an IT transformation within your own company? Are you a software engineer working on the next greatest app? No matter your role - development or operations - the highs and lows associated with software delivery can be exhausting invigorating motivating devastating … emotional .
At the first sign of a software delivery problem, teams traditionally would name the other as a scapegoat. These days, they must not only learn to work together but also understand, appreciate and be mindful of “the other side’s” needs and challenges. To cope with (or process ) these emotions, modern software development has inspired a treasure trove of hilarious content to inspire us on our DevOps journey.
That’s why @DOESsummit posed a recent request in the weekly #DOES15 Twitter contest to ask participants to share theirfavorite DevOps meme or gif.
All respondents using #DOES15 are now eligible to win a signed edition of Gene Kim’s (@RealGeneKim ) The Phoenix Project and be entered for a chance to win a free pass to the second annual DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES15) , co-hosted by CloudBees and IT Revolution.
This week’s competition was fierce -ly hilarious. Check out our top picks from the contest below.

Make us laugh! Share your favorite #DevOps meme/gif today with #DOES15 to be entered to win! http://t.co/XTbp8vXnJQ pic.twitter.com/ahZBIDRkCd

— DOES Summit (@DOESsummit) July 7, 2015

1 @JimPeluso

@DOESsummit #DOES15 #DevOPs is a culture of sharing, where you are working to avoid this: pic.twitter.com/TSngPH2Av0 — Jim Peluso (@JimPeluso) June 30, 2015

2 @virtdata

DevOps meme party ! @DOESsummit #DOES15 Pre-DevOps: When I asked IT for copy of production database for code testing pic.twitter.com/edX43aSHaQ — Kyle Hailey (@virtdata) July 9, 2015

3 @HalieNoble

"That moment when you're finally "Doing #DevOps ." | #DOES15 @DOESsummit @RealGeneKim @stbrodie @anders_wallgren pic.twitter.com/oxrna9cpCI — Halie Noble (@HalieNoble) July 7, 2015

4 @ITSM_Manny

#DOES15 pic.twitter.com/TSnNmABEvr

— Manny Varela (@ITSM_Manny) July 8, 2015

5 @jmacofearth

NICE LAB COAT, DUDE! #DevOps #DOES15 #cartoon #tech #humor pic.twitter.com/97o9KJK5sJ — John McElhenney #ATX (@jmacofearth) July 7, 2015

6 ** @xebialabs**

You asked us to make you laugh : ) #DOES15 pic.twitter.com/vtwePsl7XD — XebiaLabs (@xebialabs) July 7, 2015

7 @JerDoug

#DOES15 @DOESsummit that moment after you ask a unicorn how to get your Fortune 1000 company to adopt #devops pic.twitter.com/FMzOvRywoD — Jeremy Douglas (@JerDoug) July 7, 2015

8 @anders_wallgren

@DOESsummit #DOES15 My favorite by far... pic.twitter.com/XwOOl9hwWz

— Anders Wallgren (@anders_wallgren) July 7, 2015

9 @serendipitousP

@DOESsummit #DOES15 Agile, on our path to #DevOps +we ask our teammates: don't be a #scrumbag http://t.co/VLUlYFxOOK pic.twitter.com/a3tg4XEib4

— Pamela Howell (@serendipitousP) July 7, 2015

10 @catapultpr

Hope you enjoy! We cracked ourselves up making these #DevOps memes! - @DOESsummit #DOES15 #socialmedia pic.twitter.com/pYHxGI2rec — Catapult PR (@catapultpr) July 8, 2015

Thanks to everyone who responded this week with their favorite DevOps meme! The winning respondent and their answer will be announced by @DOESsummit later today.
Got any more favorite DevOps memes? hit us up on Twitter using #DOES15.
Want to get your hands on a copy of The Phoenix Project that author Gene Kim had his hands on – to sign for you? Be sure to tune in to our weekly #DOES15 Twitter contest next week!

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