Want to Help Build CloudBees for Kubernetes with Jenkins X?

CloudBees has been investing resources into the proposed Jenkins subproject Jenkins X: An opinionated continuous delivery solution for development and delivery of modern cloud applications on Kubernetes. Jenkins X has taken a Kubernetes-first approach, using best-of-breed solutions from the Kubernetes ecosystem , melded with DevOps best practices.

The Jenkins X project has focused on getting the plumbing right around the Kubernetes-based continuous delivery platform and includes an easy-to-use CLI to interact with it. CloudBees has been experimenting with a prototype concept that is currently known as CloudBees for Kubernetes. This UI-based application focuses on visualizing the activities, resources and deployments that form part of a continuous delivery journey of Kubernetes-based applications into production.

CloudBees for Kubernetes is under active development, and we are seeking your feedback, both on the Jenkins X project, and the CloudBees for Kubernetes experiment. We really want to see where we are providing value and where we can improve - so this is an invitation to get involved!

You can request access to CloudBees for Kubernetes by filing out this web form: https://pages.cloudbees.com/K8s

Prerequisites for CloudBees for Kubernetes include having Jenkins X installed on a Kubernetes cluster. This is really straightforward and instructions can be found on the Jenkins X website. Installing CloudBees for Kubernetes is even easier, but we will email you those instructions when we invite you to participate in its development.

We encourage you to take part - together we are building something really special for application developers on Kubernetes!