Vert.x 2 Available on RUN@cloud!

Written by: Cyrille Le Clerc

We are delighted at CloudBees to announce the release of our Vert.x 2 ClickStack.

We know that Vert.x 2 is becoming very popular with people who want to develop fully asynchronous web applications on the JVM, leveraging the productivity of polyglot application development.

To give you more details about the ClickStack, it’s a standard Vert.x 2.0.2-final with:

  • .zip module deployment

  • Database binding for mod-mysql-postgresql and mod-jdbc-persistor

  • SendGrid binding for mod-mailer

  • CloudBees monitoring and auto-scaling (HTTP metrics are not yet available as they are not exposed by Vert.x)

  • CloudBees management with the CloudBees JMX Invoker

  • Demo ClickStart application


  • User guide

  • Vert.x ClickStack

Demo ClickStart

Demo ClickStart


Vert.x 2 ClickStack Docs

Release Notes

Vert.x 2 ClickStack Release Notes

Cyrille Le Clerc

Elite Architect


Cyrille Le Clerc is an elite architect at CloudBees, with more than 12 years of experience in Java technologies. He came to CloudBees from Xebia, where he was CTO and architect. Cyrille was an early adopter of the “You Build It, You Run It” model that he put in place for a number of high-volume websites. He naturally embraced the DevOps culture, as well as cloud computing. He has implemented both for his customers. Cyrille is very active in the Java community as the creator of the embedded-jmxtrans open source project and as a speaker at conferences.

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