Using your repositories as a file store

Written by: Michael Neale

Its a tiny secret that every CloudBees account comes with a repository service - sometimes we call it "the forge".

Part of the service is a set of maven repos - but really - they are WebDAV accessible filestores you can repurpose for all sorts of things.

For example - the "releases" repository can be made public - so you can push blobs/files there you want to access from your app (or you can keep it private, and use your credentials to access it each time).

To push content to the release repo (it can be anything, remember):

curl -u username:password -T

Your user name is the name you picked when you signed up - normally it is the first bit of your email address up to the "@" - but the Repos UI will tell you what URL/name to use.

You can use that from curl, programmatically, or even WebDAV clients, however you like.

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