Using WEAVE@cloud to Integrate Apps, without Writing Code

Written by: Christina Pappas

First and foremost, I am a marketer which is not to be confused with a developer. Just wanted to get that out there.

Now as a marketer, I am often asking my development team for help. The most common request is for Apex Triggers to be built in Salesforce to make some crazy integration scenario I envisioned work. Imagine my delight – and I would also venture to imagine theirs as well – when I discovered I could use WEAVE@cloud to create some really crazy configurations.

Let me lay out the scenario: I wanted to auto-create a renewal opportunity in as soon as we "close-win" new business. The renewal opportunity should be assigned to the correct Account Manager and be populated with updated subscription start/end dates, in addition to pricing information. I also want to send the Account Manager a task to introduce him/herself in the next 30 days. This configuration could only be done with an Apex Trigger - aka code. I would have to file a request with our development team. Not only may my request be delayed by current projects, the time they are taking to help me is taken away from product innovation.

The solution was to create a custom integration of easily built using WEAVE@cloud. The setup and configuration was very similar to how you would create a custom report in so any user would instantly be comfortable building some pretty cool stuff.

The goal was to improve the lives of my sales team and remove their need for manual processes. This configuration is:

  • Completely maintenance free – I don’t have to worry about these integrations running. I set them up, and they run themselves.

  • Extremely scalable – I pause, add, delete configurations as needed and I can do it all myself without knowing any code.

  • A huge time saver – In addition to the minutes my sales team saves each time they don’t have to complete a manual process, I am also assured that the ball won’t drop when it comes to creating renewal opps.

With numerous integration capabilities, I am already envisioning how I am going to use WEAVE@cloud to implement all my automation ideas. All without knowing a single line of code!

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