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Written by: ophir


CloudBees Feature Management is giving away free T-shirts. Nothing to buy, no strings attached.** CloudBees Feature Management loves mobile developers so much that we want you to have one of our shirts when you try us out. So signup now, create a patch and and get your free shirt here

. CloudBees Feature Management is on a mission. We think patching and updating live mobile apps at the code level is a game changer and we’re really excited about it. We think every app can benefit from CloudBees Feature Management whether you have 200 users or 200 millions users. We want to make releasing new versions of your mobile app just for minor changes a thing of the past.   The thing is, what CloudBees Feature Management is doing is new. So new that some people thought it was impossible (until we showed them CloudBees Feature Management). As is the case with many new technologies, you sometimes need to try it out in order to truly appreciate it. We know that once you see how easy and simple it is to update your own app instantly, without going through the app store, using CloudBees Feature Management will be a no-brainer. We also know that as a mobile developer, you’re not exactly twiddling your thumbs waiting for something to do, so trying out a new SDK is probably a “sounds cool - maybe I’ll try it when I have some time” type of idea. So instead of spending our advertising dollars on people who *might* give us a try, we want to directly thank mobile developers who *do* give a try. Even if you don’t end up using us in production, no hard feelings. Keep the shirt :) Technical Details If you’ve read so far, here’s all you have to do for the free tshirt

  1. Sign Up for a free CloudBees Feature Management account

  2. Install our SDK in your app and run it (Xcode simulator is fine).

  3. Add a patch in the CloudBees Feature Management dashboard and see the patch in your app (Xcode simulator is fine).

  4. You'll automatically get an email with a link to claim your free T-shirt.*

Seriously! NO credit card info or purchase necessary (But please don’t try to scam us - we’re nice people ) Please feel free to tweet about this or tell your mobile developer friends. We know CloudBees Feature Management is awesome and think you’ll agree. *Please note: We can only ship T-shirts to the USA at the moment. Apologies to our international users. We love you just as much, and hope to support international shipping soon.

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