The Top 10 Podcasts for Developers in 2020

Written by: Georgiana Patru

The following is a guest blog post written by Evan Glazer.

Podcasts are extremely popular among many developers and technology evangelists. Many podcasts have been growing followers and building communities exponentially as new topics and technology become composed. Developers are able to do live broadcasts and host "question and answer" type sessions making the experience of a podcast quickly likened. I am an active podcast listener myself and I normally like to segment into different topics and learn about a variety of new and changing topics in the software ecosystem. In this article, I chose some of the most interesting, relevant podcasts for developers that I feel you should be listening to in 2020.

Syntax Tasty Web Development Treats

1. Hasty Treat - Tips For Writing Good CSS

This podcast is all about writing optimized CSS using cascading techniques and nailing down a pattern that will let you compose better CSS and save time! If you would like to get better with your CSS craftsmanship - you will like this podcast.

2. 9 Ways to Stay Sane While Working Remotely

Personally, I work remotely for my job and this was a nice listen in terms of hearing that other people are also trying to find ways to stay sane working remotely.

3. The React Episode

React is a very popular topic and this podcast encapsulates a description of React. They dive into best practices, and deep insights to begin your first project with success. This educational value makes it a definite on the list of podcasts for developers.


4. Kelsey Hightower On Kubernetes - How to Build It, Use It and Try It Out

I coudn't write a list of podcasts for developers without including Google. In this episode of DevOps Radio, Sacha Labourey sits down with Kelsey Hightower, staff developer advocate for Google Cloud Platform, Kubernetes, to discuss the latest in open source container orchestration.

Arrested DevOps

5. Kubernetes & the Future

Have you heard of Kubernetes? It is an open source container system that is very popular in todays software architecture for deployment, scaling and management. Learn from the controllers who use it day in and out and are excited to share their experiences.

6. Kubernetes Best Practices

If you listened to the podcast above and enjoyed learning about Kubernetes, you will enjoy this podcast too!

Full Stack Radio

7. Single Page Application Architecture

I think it's safe to say that single page frameworks are extremely powerful and popular in development especially in the last 10 years. While this is not a new topic, I really enjoyed listening to topics around best practices and achieving a better user experience interface.

Soft Skills engineering

8. Too soon for a raise and management, controllers, maybe?

Are you a software engineer and happy that you have a job, but have no idea when to ask for a pay raise? How about being a software developer and still not getting promoted? This was an awesome podcast for developers to get insights and to not feel alone in these scenarios.

Front End

9. Bar-tending to your codebase

Have you ever had to migrate your codebase into another project? This is not only terrifying, but can be very tricky. If you want to listen to past experiences from experienced senior engineers - this podcast will be for you!


10. Deploying Rails onto Kubernetes

Do you have a rails application? This podcast exemplifies Kubernetes and how to apply it to the rails stack. I thought this was an interesting podcast as well because Cloud66, a deployment company for ruby on rails, is working towards making Kubernetes easy to implement in their platform.

Have you listened to all these podcasts for developers?

Here are some more great podcasts to listen to as well:

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