Top 10 CloudBees’ Activities You Won’t Want to Miss at KubeCon

Written by: Kristin Nordstrom
4 min read

kubecon and cloudnativeconWe’re excited to see so many Kubernetes speakers and technologists attending KubeCon + CloudNativeCon. If you’re attending, drop by Booth #G8 in the Expo Hall to talk about accelerating your DevOps transformation with Kubernetes.

We are a proud sponsor of KubeCon this year. Check out the 10 activities centered around KubeCon and CloudBees you won’t want to miss.

1. Jenkins X Session

  • Jenkins X is a new open source CI/CD platform for Kubernetes based on Jenkins. Jenkins X runs on Kubernetes and transparently uses on demand containers to run build agents and jobs, and isolate job execution. It enables CI/CD as code using Jenkins Pipelines and automated deployments of commits and pull requests using Skaffold, Helm and other popular tools. Be sure to check out CloudBees’ software engineer Carlos Sanchez’s session on Jenkins X: Continuous Delivery for Kubernetes on Wednesday, December 12, 2018 from 3:40-4:15 pm. He’ll demo how to use Jenkins X on any Kubernetes cluster for fully automated CI and CD using a GitOps approach. Add it to your schedule and don’t miss out!

2. Demos

  • On Tuesday, December 11 from 10:30-11:30 am stop by the Marketplace "code lab" at the Google Cloud booth to watch a demo of CloudBees Core on GKE.

  • We’ll be running demos each day on Jenkins X and CloudBees Core for Kubernetes Continuous Delivery. Interested in one of our other products? Our CloudBees expert are ready to demo on demand!

3. T-shirts

  • And who doesn’t like a free t shirt? We’ve got new swag in store for you. Our Jenkins X files t-shirt should be added to your wardrobe immediately. Pick it up at our CloudBees Booth #G8.

4. Stickers

  • From Jenkins X, to Kubernetes, to the butler himself, we have all of the latest stickers. Grab one, two, three... heck ten stickers if you’d like and represent the best of the best. Everyone gets a sticker!

5. Prize Raffle

  • Get spotted wearing your cool, new Jenkins X files t-shirt at KubeCon and you’ll have a chance to win a Nintendo Switch, Xbox One X, or an Oculus Rift. Be sure to grab a raffle ticket once you put on your new swag!

6. Book Signing

  • Written by well-known DevOps leaders including Robert Davies, Brian Dawson, James Rawlings and James Strachan, Building Cloud Native Apps Painlessly - The Prescriptive Guide to Jenkins X , this definitive guide will help you understand:

    • The technical and business benefits of Jenkins X.

    • How developers can use Jenkins X to build cloud native apps.

    • The steps for getting started with Jenkins X.

  • Pick up your own free copy of the book by signed by James Rawlings and James Strachan at the CloudBees Booth #G8 at any of the following times during the conference:

    • Tuesday: 12:15 pm, 3:10 pm

    • Wednesday: 10:20 am, 12:15 pm

    • Thursday: 10:20 am, 12:15 pm

7. Meet the Experts

Interested in learning more about Jenkins X or CloudBees Core for Kubernetes Continuous Delivery? We want to meet you in person! Sign up now to talk to a CloudBees expert next week. Not sure what your schedule is for the week of? No worries, just stop by at any point during KubeCon.

8. Jenkins Cutout Photo Op

  • The real butler can’t make it to KubeCon unfortunately but he’ll be there in spirit as a life size cutout. Snap a pic of him, with him, or selfie it up and share it on social media. Be sure to tag us @CloudBees and use the hashtag #KubeCon!

9. James Strachan

James Strachan , Jenkins X expert and creator of Groovy and Apache Camel, will be at KubeCon in CloudBees Booth #G8.

10. Webinar: Serverless Jenkins with Jenkins X

And if you haven’t gotten enough of James already, he’ll be hosting our next webinar! Join CloudBees’ James Strachan and James Rawlings, co-creators of the Jenkins X project, as they present the Serverless Jenkins with Jenkins X webinar on December 19th. You’ll learn how to:

  • Enable a highly scalable web hook handler in Jenkins X to eliminate a single point of failure in Jenkins.

  • Run an ephemeral Jenkins, which is auto-discarded after building to utilize disk space more efficiently.

  • Implement a disaster recovery strategy, where all job configurations are stored in Git.

  • Reduce your cloud expense by only running Jenkins when you need to.

This webinar won’t be at KubeCon, but it will follow the week after and we’d love all of the KubeCon attendees to check it out. You can sign up in advance → .

We hope to see you at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon!

P.S. If you need help finding Booth #G8, here’s a map of the Expo Hall with our booth highlighted.

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