Three Reasons You Don’t Want to Miss the Software Delivery Professional Series

Written by: Hope Lynch
2 min read

There is a lot I have learned about CloudBees since joining in January. One aspect of the company’s culture that has stood out to me is its passion and support for anyone in the DevOps community. A year ago, as COVID closed in and our hopes of an in-person “CloudBees Connect” conference were dashed, we recognized the need for a place where software leaders could come to share best practices, questions and solutions. We launched the Software Delivery Leadership Forum and it grew into a true community of managers, experts, thought leaders and seasoned executives who come together each month to tackle a new challenge or topic.

As we reflected on the success of that community and the important place it created for leaders in the software industry, we thought to ourselves. “Shouldn’t we also create that community for everyone involved with the day-to-day of building and bringing software to market too?”

And so, the Software Delivery Professional Series was born. 

This series will be a recurring, curated, educational digital event series hosted by yours truly that will focus on topics related to agile, DevOps and continuous delivery. The series will blend interesting topics, subject matter experts and live audience Q&A in a way that encourages shared growth and learning.

Our first event, Release Management in the Progressive Delivery Era, is being held Tuesday, April 13, and will focus on the application of progressive delivery in the enterprise. James Governor, founder at Redmonk will be the keynote speaker.

To provide a better understanding of what to expect at this event, my colleagues in marketing asked me to share the three top reasons I know attendees will come back each week.

1. Interaction with Leaders in the Field - Attendees will have access to some of the leading voices in DevOps and software delivery, with the ability to ask questions, share perspectives and create relationships.

2. Value over Buzz - The Software Delivery Professional Series aims to not only relay the latest trends, but also separate the Buzz from the value, so attendees leave having gained knowledge, not having “drank the juice.”

3. We are a fun group - True to any CloudBees event, the cast of characters is engaging and fun and you will have a great time.

I look forward to seeing you there!

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