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With the second annual DevOps Enterprise Summit under two weeks away, it’s safe to say that we’re beyond excited to spend three days in San Francisco with all of our DevOps peers, experts, and heroes. As we count down the final days to DOES15 , we are taking a look back at some of the amazing coverage that the conference has been getting. For your reading pleasure, we compiled below 15 of the largest hits highlighting the conference and our incredible speakers.
It’s no surprise that @RealGeneKim can be found multiple times on our list. Below, he answers some lingering questions about DOES and fills us in on what to expect at this year’s conference. One thing we know you can expect is a line-up of great speakers from all over the industry, and the world. Check out the list of 100 DevOps leaders and experts you should be following to find a plethora of our 2015 speakers, including: Ralph Loura , Carmen DeArdo , Courtney Kissler , Heather Mickman and many more! Keep reading to find out what some of our speakers are talking about in the world of DevOps, and to find an answer to the burning question “What wildlife would there be in the DevOps world?” Lions, and tigers, and….unicorns, perhaps?
1Q&A with Gene Kim on the DevOps Enterprise Conference
**** By @jhosm | Published on @InfoQ
DevOps Enterprise, a conference focused on DevOps as it applies to the enterprise, will be held in San Francisco, between October 19-21. This 3-day conference is unusual in the DevOps community as most of the speakers have senior positions on very large enterprises such as Bank Of America, ING, Target or GM. DevOps Enterprise is a long way from the devopsdays conferences, with their grassroots character. InfoQ interviewed Gene Kim, one of the DevOps Enterprise conference founders, to learn more about this year’s edition.

Check out this great Q&A w/@RealGeneKim about this months @DOESsummit (#DOES15 ):

— CloudBees (@electriccloud) October 2, 2015

2The Women of DevOps
By @ashimmy | Published on @devopsdotcom
No, this isn’t about some new calendar featuring scantily clad IT chicks. In fact the fact you even thought that is half the problem. This article arises out of the fact that I was speaking with a colleague the other day and once again had to regretfully recite that something like 95 of you reading this article are male (as well as every other article here). Why is this? Why aren’t there more women in DevOps specifically and IT in general? Don’t get me wrong this is not a DevOps specific issue. We go through the same issue in the infosec realm as well. In spite of the fact that many trade mags in security have featured prominent woman in security and many security conferences have featured panels and discussions on this. The good news is slowly but surely this is starting to change. We are seeing more woman in the infosec world. So lets take that strategy from infosec and lets use it for DevOps. Lets feature some prominent woman in the DevOps world. I want to emphasize that these woman are here not just because they are woman and not men, but irregardless of their sex, they are remarkable people worthy of the recognition.
3Test-Driven Development | @DevOpsSummit
By @anders_wallgren | Published on @SYSCONmedia
Automated software testing continues to play a vital role in enterprise software delivery and the speed with which software-driven organizations can begin to produce value. You want to ensure quality software, alongside fast time to market. How do you balance the need for speed with the need to test everything to deliver high-quality software to the end user? At last year's DevOps Enterprise Summit, which CloudBees hosts in partnership with Gene Kim, author of The Phoenix Project, Kim asked every speaker to end their presentation with a slide that covered one of the two following topics: "Here's what I don't know how to do" or "Here's what I'm looking for help with." This gave all attendees at the summit insight into the top enterprise IT problems facing the DevOps community at large. It came as no surprise that several of the top challenges revolved around the concept of testing, and more specifically, the focus on better strategies and tactics for creating automated tests for legacy applications.
4Why are Clients Disinterested in Agile and DevOps?
By Matt Werner | Published on @DZone
I spoke with Mirco Hering, APAC lead of DevOps and Agile at Accenture. In preparation for his talk at the DevOps Enterprise Summit in San Francisco, we discussed his experience at Accenture, other regions of the world, and introducing DevOps to legacy systems.

Why are Clients Disinterested in Agile and DevOps? #DOES15 speaker @MircoHering explains: @DZone — CloudBees (@electriccloud) September 28, 2015

5Learn How Leading-Edge Enterprises are Experimenting Their Way to Success with DevOps
By @carlarudder | Published on @4enterprisers
A short year ago, DevOps was considered to be in its infancy, and if you were a major organization outside of the “unicorns” and early adopters experimenting with DevOps models and continuous delivery, you were well ahead of the curve. A testament to the fast-paced world IT leaders operate in today, DevOps practices are now being implemented by the most recognized brands across every major industry vertical and playing a significant role in culture, leadership, and business transformation. The Enterprisers Project caught up with Gene Kim, award-winning expert and author on all things DevOps, to discuss how IT organizations and CIOs are evolving as DevOps continues to gain traction, as well as the key challenges enterprises face as they seek to bring more lean principles into IT. He also shares what he's most looking forward to at the second annual, bigger and better DevOps Enterprise Summit in San Francisco (see promo code for discounted registration at the end of the article).
6Exploring DevOps with Gene Kim, Author and Researcher
By @RealGeneKim | Published on @CXOTalk
Alignment between IT and business is a core issue facing virtually every CIO. Different perspectives, constraints, and goals can present obstacles to the business gaining the highest value from IT. Author, researcher, and company founder, Gene Kim, is on the forefront of DevOps, an approach that brings development and operations together in one seamless flow. This episode explores DevOps with the background, suggestions, and practical advice you can use.
7100 DevOps Leaders, Enthusiasts, and Experts You Should Follow Today
By @mgperrow | Published on @TechBeaconCom
Every subject has dozens of self-proclaimed experts. DevOps is no different. It's easy to get inundated with the overwhelming amount of information available. But look no further. We've compiled a list of the top 100 DevOps leaders, enthusiasts, and influencers you should be following right now.

Lots of #DOES15 folks in here...100 #DevOps leaders, enthusiasts, and experts you should follow today @TechBeaconCom

— DOES Summit (@DOESsummit) October 2, 2015

8What to Expect at the DevOps Enterprise Summit 2015
By @RealGeneKim | Published by @devopsdotcom
I am unbelievably excited about DevOps Enterprise Summit 2015. As amazing as last year’s event was, it will be even better this year. I wanted to share with you what you can expect this year at the conference and give you a behind-the-scenes look inside the programming committee goals and how they informed the overall conference organization.
9DevOps at Nationwide Insurance with Carmen DeAdro **
By Jeff | Published on Software Engineering Daily
Nationwide Insurance has 8,000 engineers and has recently adopted a DevOps culture. Carmen DeArdo is technology director at Nationwide Insurance. Watch him talk about how Nationwide successfully made the transition to a DevOps practice.
10Gene Kim on High Performers and the Principles of DevOps
By Matt Werner| Published on
Last week I had the privilege of visiting the Jenkins User Conference in Santa Clara. After Kohsuke Kawaguchi’s keynote (which you can read here), Gene Kim took the next day’s spot. Gene Kim is the author of The Phoenix Project, a book I’d highly recommend, and has spent 15 years now studying high performing IT organizations and DevOps adoption patterns. He started his keynote by reviewing some DevOps history, starting with how organizations started noticing the accumulation of technical debt around 2005. As more quick bug fixes were deployed, software was becoming a hopeless, patchwork mess that left IT departments feeling doomed. However, in 2009, John Allspaw and Paul Hammond presented at the Velocity conference that they were deploying 10 times a day at Flickr.
11What CIOs Need to Know About Microservices and DevOps**
By @carlarudder | Published on @4enterprisers
For organizations trying to address development and deployment speed, the introduction of microservices architecture may be a solution. However, it can come with challenges - particularly around the complexity of many moving pieces. Anders Wallgren, CTO of CloudBees, will discuss this very topic at the upcoming DevOps Enterprise Summit. We caught up with him to find out what CIOs need to know about microservices and DevOps. Read on for Wallgren's three DevOps "rookie mistakes," and a special discount code at the bottom of this article.

What CIOs need to know about microservices & DevOps @4enterprisers @anders_wallgren #DOES15
— DOES Summit (@DOESsummit) October 5, 2015

12Gene Kim Interview | @DevOpsSummit
By @jasonhand | Published on @SYSCONmedia
Early in my DevOps Journey, I was introduced to a book of great significance circulating within the Web Operations industry titled The Phoenix Project . (You can read our review of Gene’s book, if interested.) Written as a novel and loosely based on many of the same principles explored in The Goal , this book has been read and referenced by many who have adopted DevOps into their continuous improvement and software delivery processes around the world. As I began planning my travel schedule last summer, I learned of a workshop taking place in Nashville by Gene Kim, co-author of The Phoenix Project . I jumped at the chance to not only meet and speak with Gene, but absorb as much as possible from his workshop. After a full day covering a broad range of topics and reference material, I walked out having a much deeper understanding of what DevOps meant and how to continue advocating for its best practices.
13DOES15 – A Focus on DevOps Execution
By @HoardingInfo | Published on @devopsdotcom
“I recently attended my second DevOpsDays, and even one year later I noticed that the audience had changed a lot” – says Travis Cunningham a Software Engineer at SmartFile during an interview about their development environment. What Travis is speaking to is the fact that DevOps has matured dramatically in a short amount of time. Around two years ago the community was a members only club. It consisted of the innovators, and smaller organizations who could adopt DevOps in one fell swoop. But now the benefits of DevOps are shared objectives for most organizations. As the definition of DevOps continues to evolve clear market education is key to making all that talk actionable. So more and more events are surfacing to help accomplish this. On Oct 19th in San Francisco the DevOps Enterprise Summit (#DOES15) will join the list of tools to make DevOps principles actionable.
14How Salesforce, Raytheon, ING, and Capital One do DevOps
Today we had another one of our great video chats with Gene Kim and the DOES15 Speakers, as we gear up for DevOps Enterprise Summit this October. Watch the replay of the video below to learn how some of the largest enterprises in the world are addressing the biggest challenges facing the DevOps community: from fostering a DevOps culture and leading the transformation, automated testing of legacy applications, security and auditing requirements, what metrics matter, and more.
15A Field Guide to the Wildlife in DevOps Land
By @j_jeremiah | Published on @TechBeaconCom ****
I was in South Africa on a DevOps tour with Kurt Bittner from Forrester, meeting with CIOs and IT leaders to talk about their journey to increasing velocity and quality with DevOps. Between customer meetings, we explored and were amazed at the diversity of the wildlife we saw. Lions, elephants, rhinos, and so much more. Amid the awesome wildlife backdrop, we pondered the wildlife that is found in the land of DevOps. Here's a short field guide to what you'll find when you begin your journey into the wild.

DOES is only a week away!

For more on @DOESsummit visit the website . If you are interested in attending this year’s event, October 19-21 in SF, be sure to register soon ! We only have a few spots left, so don’t miss out on THE DevOps event of the year!

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