Take Advantage of Free Tools to Automate Your End-to-End Release Pipelines

Written by: Electric bee


A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of speaking at StackWorld conference in San Francisco. In addition to my talk on DevOps metrics, I also had the chance to deliver a virtual workshop and demo with my colleague Sam Fell. This virtual talk focused on "Automating all the things", and how you can take advantage of free tools - such as CloudBees Flow community edition  to orchestrate your entire end-to-end release pipeline, which is often comprised of many other free tools, such as Git , Jenkins , Selenium , Chef , Docker, and others. As you know, today's modern software delivery involves a myriad of point-tools, frameworks and infrastructures – from development, through build, testing, deployment, all the way to a Production Release. While many of these tools are free/open source, the operational and technology overhead of orchestrating the hand-offs from one tool to the next in the process – are not without cost. To improve developer productivity and resource utilization – and to enable enterprise-scale, cross-project visibility and shorter time to market – organizations are working to automate and orchestrate the entire tool chain across the end-to-end delivery pipeline.


Today's Software Delivery Pipeline(s) Sam Fell started us off by explaining today's release pipelines and the complexities of orchestrating the - often dozens - of tools involved in the process. I then followed with a demo showing a fully-automated release pipeline with the free edition of CloudBees Flow - deploying a cloud Java application , tying-in common tools that you, likely, also use in your process from CI to Release: including Git, Jenkins, Selenium, Chef, Docker, and more.

Watch the short demo video below to learn how to:

  • Seamlessly orchestrate third-party tools to automate your entire process- from start to finish
  • Get visibility into your end-to-end application release pipeline
  • Deploy any application to any environment using any tool-set – for free.

You can also download the deck here , and be sure to download the Community edition of CloudBees Flow below to give it a try yourself!

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